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Blessed are the cracked ,for they shall let in the light

I am me, and I refuse to be a Stepford.

I fit in to no neat little box of labels.

I am a mother, a daughter, an employee, a cat fancier, a a free spirit, liberal, a book lover, an action/sci fi/fantasy fan, a little bit crazy, and much much more.

In short I am a single, nontradional, bright, big and beautiful woman.

"And I happen to be cute as hell" (bonus if you know where that quote is stolen from)

I write about my life, the universe, and whatever comes in to my head.

Sometimes I even manage to say something intelligent.

Welcome to my cranky world



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comments:  *The return of K*Lo
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comments:  *Cool Winnepegian with a soft spot for F-M
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comments:  *Another mom, who loves being a mom (most of the time)
cosmic    profile - diary
comments:  *Because she is cool, that is why!!
Politics101    profile - diary
comments:  *June Cleaver is a very intersting person..LOL!!
buffyslays    profile - diary
comments:  *Also knows what it is like to have an @$$h*le for an ex.
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Wyndspirit    profile - diary
comments:  *A cool ND gal. Great diary.
Cassiopeia-    profile - diary
comments:  *Babies can keep diaries too!! (With some help from Mommy)
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comments:  *A sweet mom, with a brand new baby!!
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comments:  *Tones new home!!!
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comments:  *The One and Only
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comments:  *more nomeadded - essays
catz-eyes    profile - diary
comments:  *Cool ramblings from a bouncer Down-Under..
DebSiobhan    profile - diary
comments:  *Another cool woman. Also a SW fan, and knows what it is like to be overweight
junkmel1    profile - diary
comments:  *she found me. Lovely mom of two living in the South
her-story    profile - diary
comments:  *more great diaryness
vanillakitty    profile - diary
comments:  *She loves Dr. Who and she has a cute daughter. Met her thru Katress
greenwitch    profile - diary
annanotbob2    profile - diary
golfwidow    profile - diary
comments:  *She's cool and she's a SW fan., too bad she left diaryland forf greener pastures
myexodus    profile - diary
comments:  *A really cool diary by another mom. She found me
XNavyGrrl    profile - diary
comments:  *Also BP, and a mom. Love to read
catsoul    profile - diary
comments:  *A fellow NoDak. Also a mom
Quietthought    profile - diary
comments:  *Totally Wicked. And I mean that in a good way! Layout is way rockin. Found thru D*Land B*days

My favorite music:

comments:  Not a band, just a damn good singer
Pink Floyd
comments:  Their songs are a sad reflectoin of he true state of my life
The Who
comments:  Lets Rock
The Eagles
comments:  What more can I say
comments:  Hard to say I'm sorry

My favorite movies:

Star Wars
comments:  The Greatest Movies series ever...."May the Force be with you"..ANAKIN IS THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!!
The Wall
comments:  Not a movie not a video but definately worth seeing, for the flower scene alone
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
comments:  "use enough dynamite there Butch?"
Men in Black
comments:  too funny..."Elvis ain't dead son...he just went home"
Fast and Furious
comments:  "Dude, I almost had you" Rest in Peace Paul

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments:  Because he is one cool frood
Holly Lilse
comments:  "Don't mess with the mommy" I love her take on heaven and hell
William Goldman
comments:  What do you mean there isn't really and S. Morgenstern? :D
Terry Brooks
comments:  G'Home Gnomes Landover...what's not to love...
Jostein Gaardner
comments:  In a sense we are all in Sophie's World

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