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Half way to being ancient, with nothing to show for it...yet. Hence dreams...

My favorite diaries:

wyndsinger profile - diary
comments: My other diary. Stories, poetry, whatever doesn't seem to fit here. Be patient... Not much there yet!
trancejen profile - diary
comments: "Hope has returned, and it's blooming like a well-fed hothouse rose of the richest red imaginable."
forty-plus profile - diary
comments: Used to be Inkdragon, now she's Yvonne.
wendchymes profile - diary
comments: "being afraid is not an option that I can afford. I am a mother now. from now, until the day I die. For the first time ever. I am someone's home. A tiny life needs me. and sadly, I am all that they have. please god, let me be enough."
mpeacock profile - diary
comments: If I have an exact opposite, it would probably be this gal. Maybe that's why she interests me.
mizlizzy profile - diary
comments: I've seen her around for awhile... I've taken so long to add her, why???
giannarazi profile - diary
comments: "I truly cannot tell a lie to save my ass! I don't need to lie - I got it covered, I just don't open up at all! LOL! I play it being mysterious."
sunnflower profile - diary
la-the-sage profile - diary
comments: "I was LA the writer. LA the friend. My value as a person wasn�t contingent on the circumference of my thighs or the breadth of my ass."
boxx9000 profile - diary
thecrankyone profile - diary
comments: A ND diarist.
starlight42 profile - diary
killsbury profile - diary
fluttrbykiss profile - diary
h2ophobic profile - diary
mel-is-dvash profile - diary
comments: Longtime friend and fellow bookworm.
pennyjar profile - diary
comments: Longtime buddy.
so-charming profile - diary
comments: I've missed her!
hadassah profile - diary
comments: Going through a rough time.
tooold2bcool profile - diary
comments: "When you look at a cat and say 'meow' and the cat meows back, the cat is NOT talking to you - she's correcting either your pronunciation or your accent."
onlyemma profile - diary
comments: Fun! Somebody who grew up with as much imagination as I did.
casa-rosie profile - diary
my5cents profile - diary
cocoabean profile - diary
comments: Fellow retailer.
im2qt2kr profile - diary
smartypants profile - diary
theratqueen profile - diary
realthoughts profile - diary
dailycomic profile - diary
comments: Cute.
wifemotherme profile - diary
vicunja profile - diary
comments: The Word Co||ector
tattoobelly profile - diary
fireflyez76 profile - diary
annanotbob2 profile - diary

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Anne McCaffrey
comments: Simply the best--any SF/fantasy lover knows her.
Mercedes Lackey
comments: Also the best--no comparision!
Janny Wurts
comments: Wars of Light and Shadow/Alliance of Light - for the thinking reader.
Dee Henderson
comments: Totally addicted to the O'Malley clan!
Francine Rivers
comments: Awesome, awesome inspirational romance writer.

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