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from anglewings :
Hi, I hope an pray you have the best life . Also only good comes to you . Bye may God show you all his love, as he has shown me !
from ghostofgor :
Some like to be vindictive to seem innocent, and "better". If this isnt a permaent home for you, Id consider leaving. "They" seem dead set on making you miserable.....and thats no position to be in.
from ghostofgor :
sorry miss kitty.
from ghostofgor :
i wont aqttack, nope nope.....get better soon.
from ghostofgor :
welkies. As bad as it can be, Ive sometimes resorted to a kick in the ass when voo doo and cartoons dont work for Me. Random acts of genocide dont help either. But I guess you cant make an omelette without cracking some skulls right? Right? Your staring... o_o
from ghostofgor :
sounds like your kitty smiling isnt helping to cheer you. Sorry things arent working out so well, but I hope things improve for you dear miss. GOG
from anglewings :
Hi, was out reading came across your diary. I have to say I like it. I'm sure will try to come back again. Remember God loves us all. Latezzzzzzz <3
from ghostofgor :
I worked in a clinical enviorment before also, dealing with the mentally retarded/physically handicapped clients of a small organis=zation near Me. It was the most stressful job I have had in recent history. Short staffing does add more responsibilitiy, in less time than is needed to complete them. management adds stress due to lack of viable solutions, and they too are incapable of dealing with the realities of short staffing in helathcare. Dont wait too long till you find yourself in a mental ward due to a nervous breakdown.....its the best adivce I can offer, be well. GOG
from complicatd :
actually joel is the name of the guy i like lol, my name is Lacey. Thanks for the email. Did you just read the newest entry or the whole diary. it doesn't really matter I just wondered how much you had read.
from complicatd :
hi, how old are you. i'm 14 i feel the same way about the me thing. i'm goin to read you're diary because it seems as if we might think similarly, note me and please read my diary
from lonchani :
I like your perspective on things. I feel like I know you for some reason. Take Care. -lonchani
from ghostofgor :
tribesman, being trained, I am curious lilgirl. Are My assumptions correct, in piecing those two random picked facts hinting to anything? ignore My curiousity is it offends, I wont say anymore. But a nice diary...*smiles*
from damn-reviewz :
Hey I was just wondering if you would like to be reviewed? Let me know! -Amanda- :)
from squirrelx :
Thank you for your note! Your kindness is sincerely appreciated. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X

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