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from rose2white :
I'm sorry my e-mail thingy doesn't seem to be working, I don't know how long it's been like that!!! As I don't have your e-mail addy you are welcome to mail me at [email protected] if you don't mind. Big hugs Mandy x x x
from rose2white :
I come back from my hols and I can't read your diary as you have put a password on it!!!! May I have your password please????(((Hugs)))
from the-moo :
password?? *hugs* please?? xxx
from the-moo :
I can't read that it's not big enough but I so so so much want to.... I might try to buy it when was it?? I'm glad you're happy and I'm even more glad that you updated *huuuuugs* IloveyouandImissedyou xxx
from swooish :
Thanks for stopping by!
from rose2white :
Ahhhhhhh Glastonbury, I've not made it there yet, but I will one day. Look on the good side, at least you have been even if you can't make it this year. Maybe we will both make it one year and pass each other without even knowing it, it is possible with so many there. Enjoy the sunshine, Hugs & well wishes, Mandy x
from invisibledon :
thanks for doing my noreally survey
from rose2white :
Hi, thanks for your note, I don't mind you adding me as a buddy, it was nice of you to ask. Hang in there with the appeal, it could take months for a date as I found out. Take care and don't stress out over it.
from some-trouble :
Thanks for the note about my DLA medical. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too! BTW, Great photos :o) XXX
from miwaly :
hi I read an entry and you sound some like me. I think I shall add you to my fav's! Dawn.
from comma-abuse :
I meant comment. I have no brain, cry.
from comma-abuse :
Just wanted to thank you for the note. I've been meaning to add you, and I feel bad now that I realized I haven't. Bad me, bad.
from some-trouble :
Happy New Year! I hope 2005 is a fabulous year for you. XXX
from some-trouble :
Hiya, I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Xmas. I hope you have a lovely day! From Jo XXX
from some-trouble :
Hiya, sorry it's taken me a couple of days to reply to your note. The booklet I mentioned before is the 16 page one - I think it cost me �2.00 but if you're not a member of AYME I think it's more. I could find out for you if you think it might be helpful? Take Care, Jo X
from some-trouble :
Hiya, I just read your entry about filling in the DLA forms. I just had to complete a new set of forms as my claim expired and I found the information sheets on DLA that AYME provide a great help. Are you a member of AYME at all? If so maybe they'll be able to help you too. Have a great weekend, Jo X
from sleepydust :
Hi! I'm the editor of (Claire). Some-trouble told me about your diary - hurrah! Fab to see you've joined the diaryland community! Looking forward to reading your journal - much love, Cx
from some-trouble :
Hiya, I just found your diary through the M.E/CFS diary ring and thought I'd say hi. Claire, the person who set up is a really close friend of mine and I know she'll be thrilled that you've found her site so helpful! Welcome to diaryland!

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