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from annaisana :
i'm not sure about how many people truly gets a second chance. i feel as though i should have been given one, and if i had then i'm unaware that i had it. And if i had one then i failed at it. true story.
from the-grey-one :
I loved 'Peace at Creation'. Absolutely loved it.
from dinahsoar :
Ah ... no. Love softens and refines our souls. It is everything.
from dinahsoar :
You are right. Ordinary is beautiful.
from the-grey-one :
hey, i happened upon your diary, and it is just great. i really loved your entry 'perfect is for later', and i am relating to all the stuff you are saying about being 23 (which i will be in a couple weeks). hope you don't mind if i follow along!
from dinahsoar :
Fell into your raw and lovely diary today. I love your poetic style, your insights and that picture of the flower (is it a dandelion? the kind you blow on?) and your allusion to fireflies (I've never seen them for real, but love the whole idea of them)! Can I add you?
from alienamiss :
Jesus, I love your textbox.
from ms-bormann :
I feel as if we are leading parallel lives again. <3
from agentsil :
hey i was clicking on random diarys and yours pretty much entertained me for a good 30 min =] would have been longer but i had to leave. the way you think was great. reminded me of myself a long long time ago. =]
from alyssan-aria :
Hey just recently joined Diary land to post my story, needed somewhere right, anyways was browsing profiles and yours caught my eye so i figured i'd drop a note by your page and see if it gets me anywhere what so ever. Names alyssandrah, aly for short. Hope to talk soon ciao for now
from ms-bormann :
:) Thanks. I hope all is well with you too!
from seereason :
Isn't being interested in someone new 100% of the fun?
from ms-bormann :
Geesh, I was just going to leave you a note when I realized that my last note was exactly what I wanted to say in this one... :> Much <3.
from ms-bormann :
AHH! I'm so excited for you!!!!
from ms-bormann :
Your entry about the prayer in morse code is amazing. Wow.
from ms-bormann :
I'm here anytime you need somebody.
from ms-bormann :
Happy New Year, I hope it brings many good things to your amazing self. *gives you a hug*
from ms-bormann :
You can belong to my culture. :>
from ms-bormann :
from ms-bormann :
That's good that things are good, may they keep going well for you.
from miseryfire :
your latest entry was absolutely beautiful. it created such a visual in my mind...<3
from nascent-hope :
I enjoyed your posts so much I just had to add you. Hope to see you around!
from miseryfire :
I came across your diary and I must say... it left me absolutely breathless. I had to add you. Just to read your words, your thoughts. Thank you.
from ms-bormann :
You think in a very similar way to me... Odd as that may be. I don't often find such people... I like how you have your things on your profile also... And how you have written your diary.
from blackout- :
*honk* you have some really good points here. how old are you, just for curiosity's sake? <33
from what---if :
Thanks. :) I was away far too long and really feel bad about it. Back in October, I felt a strong calling to become a writer. Can't really explain it, one night it just sort of hit me. Well, I put a lot of things on hold while learning about how to write well and connecting with other people learning novel-writing. I'm working on two stories now. Might not lead to anything, but for months it was all I could do. But I'm trying to find my balance now, so I will be updating more. Thanks for reading! :)
from silverbiker :
lol have fun! i wanna read about it!
from fadedxme :
and what movie would this be? ohmygod, i hope you have the time of your life.<3
from fadedxme :
very. *blushes* =)
from fadedxme :
hey thanks for adding me! xoxox
from fadedxme :
hey there! just wanted to say i loooooove your diary. have an awesome day! <333
from kelscantwalk :
happy belated birthday!
from onedarkrevue :
Since you've gotten your diary reviewed by us, why not come and review for us? We are in need of some new reviewers. So, if by chance you are interested please pick a diary from the unassigned portion of our pending list and review it using our scoring system. Then, send the review to us at [email protected] If we accept you as a reviewer we will post the review and you'll be on the reviewing team. Hope you consider reviewing for us! Thanks! -Alex
from onedarkrevue :
Your review is done!
from fauxpas- :
people are such fucktards.
from red-reviews :
Your review is up! =)
from red-reviews :
Reviews? Try Red Reviews! =) (P.S. I love your quote!)
from bbreviews :
Like reviews? Why not try bbreviews?
from mandywarhol :
why are you so sweet. <333
from anotherstar :
from angrygemini :
I LOVE the way you think. Plus, I love that picture of the unicorn. I only read the first page so far, but I'm already hooked. You're one of the few people I can say something positive about, and I don't even know you.
from kelscantwalk :
hey there.. i seen a note from you on my notes page so i decided i would add you to my buddy list and read your diary.. i still havent read it all but by what i read you seem awesome.. well i cant really talk right now, but if you ever do want to talk just contact me..there should be a contact page on my diary.. adios kelsey
from pms-reviews :
your review is up at pms-reviews.
from neuroticaa :
woohoo, i deflowered your notes page! anyway, thank you for the compliment on my poetry, that means a lot to me <3

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