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from rumblelizard :
thunder/lizard ;)
from rumblelizard :
Yes, I had that same problem, but it seems to have healed itself. Maybe you could email Andrew?
from rumblelizard :
That is *freaky*. I wonder if you're right! Thanks for the note...
from rumblelizard :
Sarah, I am proud of the GOTV efforts of young people. I'm happy that a lot more young people voted this time. And that comment was not directed at the voting young people and those who worked hard to get them to the polls, but rather at the NON-voting young people. I can understand how the comment might have read like I was bagging on all 18-25 year olds, but that wasn't my intention. Anyway, beyond what I meant and perhaps wasn't clear enough about, according to the AP, fewer than one in ten voters were in the 18-to-25 age group. But yet people in that age group are almost 23 percent of the total population in America. It's sad that so many young people seem to adhere to this self-fulfilling prophecy that their issues and concerns don't matter to the people in charge, and so therefore they don't vote. And it's completely true! As long as they don't vote, their issues, opinions and concerns won't mean jack shit to the people in power. I'm not blaming this defeat on the young 'uns in this election. There's plenty of blame to go around, and I'm plenty enraged at lots of people. I just had really high hopes for the youth vote this year; so much is at stake for them. It was a huge disappointment to find out that the self-fulfilling prophecy seems to still hold so much sway. I guess that's why I seem to be singling them out in my last entry.
from theturtle :
How didn't I notice her dramatism? Of course I noticed it, but all my life, highly intelligent and often talented women who have had some trauma in their backgrounds have had parts of this trait in them, and I learned to deal with it until I couldn't any more. I think today I will tell the stories of the other two women with whom I've had substantial relationships in this vein in the last 15 years or 20 years, and maybe that will help me see the pattern again. And yeah, some part of her is stuck in high school. Same mindset, same motivations, same drama.
from parlance :
Pretty sure yesterday I was looking around checking the recently updated diaries and randomly clicked yours.
from parlance :
We are all Kings/Queens of locking our diaries, aren't we?
from rumblelizard :
Uh oh! So what were these emails?
from melwadel :
Got it in one, Sarah! I worked at Stagedoor '87 & '88! How long have you been going? I had an awful lot of fun, and wish I could go back for a visit.
from stereotype :
did you look at the newspapers today??!? *shoves paper in your face* 4 TEENS AND A LESBIAN DIE IN A CAR CRASH crazy stuff man, crazy stuff. and geez! look over there! a turtle! a SAND turtle! with chicken pox?! DAISY LOVES SARAH (i love eyou)
from ticklish :
hey sticky sarah! that episode of barney was an excellent one if i do say so myself, but i prefer "college girls gone wild". full of thrilling fun for the whole family!

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