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from beautiflntmr :
Thought you might want to skim through some sites. Just go to my place and click on "designs" under Navigation. I have a whole list of designers you could get inspiration from, if nothing else. :)
from wvbeetlebug :
My Mom likes tripe.
from beautiflntmr :
HA! I'd eat the mint before it ever made it to the pillow. SQUID!!! I like dry squid.
from beautiflntmr :
Hi! I'm tagging you to write five weird things about yourself. :D
from beautiflntmr :
Heya. The holidays not being fun as an adult? Yeah, totally with you on that.
from beautiflntmr :
Okay, um. Wh.... Hhhhhuhh? I'm absolutely stumped.
from connielass :
Connie = the one formerly known as musicus. Yes anyway, growing. Not fun, but definitely makes you feel better to have realized things you did wrong and to move on. Kind of miss the more frequent updating, but I hope you're doin okay in the meantime.
from musicus-deus :
Strange how we're going through the same thing at the same time. Kind of, anyway. You've got my support through whatever you choose to do. If you end up shutting down your d-land account, though, (not to sound sappy), I'm gonna miss ya.
from musicus-deus :
Grey days. So blah. Makes you kind of sad, doesn't it? It's cool you found something to bring back some energy.
from whitetigress :
What? :(
from musicus-deus :
interesting animation there.
from molzo : are back. How wonderful. Just in time for me to make you some mail art. E-mail me with your current address: [email protected] You will receive fun mail. Hey, want me to make a design for you? Tell me what you like, and I'll whip up something!
from semi-angel :
HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you back, chica!! Know that you're missed much here! We gotta hang again! I miss you SO much!! Call me!

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