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from cyrixess :
HI there, Just brousing the diarys and came across yours. Just wanted you to know I acctually got my doggie from Petfinders, Its an awesome site to match pups In need of homes with People in need up pups :) Mine was 4-5 months when we got him, He's almost three now! I have pictures on my site if you wanna see :) In the photo album. Best wishes!
from hushangelz :
You're still on my faves list. What you're doing is great so don't give up on it. Just wanted to let you know :)
from thespark :
We're just a community of writers. There are some design sites and the like in our bunch. I like what you're doing, so I'd love for you to be part of our ring. All you have to do to join is link us from your main diary page. Once you've done that, just e-mail me. Please include your username, so I know who you are! [email protected]
from raven9 :
Hello, we dont know each other but I just wanted to say hi I am just wrighting random notes to people I know or dont know. Yes, yes I am weirod... I was born that way please don't make fun... go ahead I know you will. byes
from thespark :
By the way, I can spell much better than that last note, but I had nails put on, and I'm really not doing well with them! lol
from thespark :
Hey,'s Leslie. I saw that Molly invited you to join the Spark ring. You should. I've been a regular member for well over a year, and it great. You don't have to really do anything as ring member, but if you see that you like the site enough, and want to become a member, just let Molly know to consider you for the next openining. Go to to see the diary, and to contact Molly, her diary is Love to have you in the ring! Love, Leslie :)
from thespark :
I run a diary community. I'd like for you to join the ring.
from hushangelz :
Btw, I've added you to my faves. Keep fighting for the cause that you believe in, it's wonderful. *hugs*
from hushangelz :
Thanks for your note too! :) Scamper is a maltese :D
from leslieirene :
Hi! You're linked on my diary! I know that SquirrelX really loves animals, too.
from hushangelz :
Hi, just wanted to pop by with a Hi :)
from omorfia :
agreed .. it's so very wrong.
from omorfia :
i named my kitty 'Monster' .. so I have no say in this argument whatsoever ;)
from anglewings :
I have a dog, one is enough for me, thank you anyway. Latezzz

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