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from chiv :
Hm, sounds reasonable. My bridge or yours?
from that :
you know, you're right. i am le suck at starting convos on msn, even though i'm on it all the time.
from that :
by "feel victim", I really meant "fell victim" :)
from that :
Facebook! I feel victim to it after graduation, as a way to keep in touch with my friends. If I knew your real name, I would look you up!
from that :
forget-me-nots or yellow roses. those are the flowers i get for my younger cousin and my aunt when their "anniversaries" come up. love always, alien friend.
from that :
oh my it was nice to see that template again. hard to explain, but it made me smile. good job ;)
from that :
my solution to not being able to sleep: documentaries. i prefer a&e or pbs docs. they're interesting. i turn it down so that i can hear it, but only if i'm quiet and still. a&e docs are better than pbs in that the sound level is pretty consistant throughout, while pbs docs, big difference in the level of the narrator and the interviews. anyways. i put the sleep timer on the tv, turn away so i'm not facing it and just listen for awhile. i usually fall asleep during the commercials. if all else fails, gravol!
from that :
hey i like minimilist designs! my diary has always been simple!
from kellipotamus :
I am listening to The Streets and I read your latest entry to the song Empty Cans. You're right about making friends. Anywho, have a nice day, or night, which ever it may be. kel
from candoor :
this is a random noting, I have no idea why, but it's been done to me enough times so that I want to balance the scales... Happy Saturday :)
from prettytear :
im not sure you mind me asking in here ... but how was the sex show? ;)
from sunnflower :
Just want to say that I've been reading your diary since I started here at Diaryland and I still find it one of the best reads on the DLand.
from soulfan24 :
Nice layout. Definitely different. It's cool.
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island. Just a note to tell you that I am always intrigued by your wonderful writing style and glad that I stopped by to see what you've been up to lately. Hotels rooms are good places to study as long as you stay away from the mini-bar and keep the cable volume on super-low. Good luck on your exams!
from mechanica :
My god, what the, bah.
from greysketch :
Hey.. it's Josie, aka Azure. Old journal: Fuck-Reality, and any others I don't remember. Just thought I'd drop by and say Hi. I have a new journal, GreySketch, now that I have some computer access again. I'm trying to find the time to sit down and go through all your entries that I've missed. So... yeah. Take care. :)
from girl-aflame :
Awww... I used to take Pandadol all the time when I was a little girl. Cute!
from girl-aflame :
It's not just you, I too see the sexual overtones in it. I didn't intend it that way when I wrote it but since writing it I have realized that it can, in fact, be construed to be one of several innuendos, each more dastardly than the last. Ah, religious manipulation is a grand thing.
from girl-aflame :
Ouch! That's one way to turn a good dream into a bad one...
from indie-snob :
Myello there! I just added a review of a Supergrass show I saw the other night and thought you may enjoy it. I have a ton of other concert and album reviews here, too. Check it out, thanks!
from slapmeharder :
I wrote this in google just for you, "Je ne parle pas fran�ais. Mais j'ai voulu r�pondre � votre entr�e qui a �t� �crite en fran�ais. Pour vous dire que j'aime que vous �tes un gar�on sentimental."
from trinity63 :
so are you studying to be a mortician or something?
from angelseyezzz :
Hey buddy, I just add myself in your Pilot ring and got the code, but.... OMG! I don't see a damn thing, it's so small! Could you make it bigger or even put the letters in bold? Please? Thanks hon :)
from slapmeharder :
that was supposed to say thirty in my guestbook signing. damn this non ability to sign guestbooks again straight away- why is there no revolutionary spirit in diaryland?
from sunnflower :
I like the design of your page and your relaxed sense of humor.
from veggiedog :
you are clever, and you have great film/musical taste. i shall enjoy your future entries. by the way, i was really excited to see the seatbelt logo used for your 'email me' link. i have a little blue t-shirt with that exact logo on it (purchased at a thrift store for $.25). exciting, indeed. happy birthday, buckaroo!
from slapmeharder :
its late..I'm leaving notes left right and brain is slowly decending into a place no man (or me) should go..but before I do wanted to say hey and that I read your diary and I like it.
from that :
well i am pretty darn adorable already ;) but i love plush animals so!
from faithless- :
*shakes fist about the profile* nah.. it's ok, i still love ya. ;)
from n0a :
probably reminds you of Xenia, Ohio. you know, the tornado striken place in "gummo". (Or maybe Xena, as my teachers seem to prefer to call me)
from tryangle :
hey, not to be stupid cause im glad you made the ring, but its spelled Keyzer Soze, not kaiser soze. that is according to the official k spacey site. :)
from ripetomato :
Dull, no. But it's vaguely depressing the way everyone here seems to go out of their way to avoid accidentally making eye contact with strangers on the streets, or accidentally walking in sync with anyone who happens to be walking near them on the sidewalk. Or maybe I'm just used to the downtown area. Everyone wants to avoid panhandlers, prophets, and, other various street freaks, so they're not taking any chances. I guess it all makes sense when I think about it. *Shrug*. ... and my point was? Heh. Damned if I know. Have a nice day.

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