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from sadhaven :
Hi, this is a new public diary called "sadhaven." It is a diary that allows people to vent about their mental illness and/or addictions. I am looking for affiliates to advertise other sites that branch off to more specific issues. If it's alright I would like to put you as an affiliate of my diary. Thanks.
from public-list :
Hi. I've included you in my public diary directory. If you want to be taken off or moved to a different category, please visit. Thanks!
from bloodintears :
Hmm...awesome stories. I've almost read them all. But, my favourite by far is 'Alice In Orgasm Land.'
from shewrites21 :
Uhm. The "Unusual Sex Story"...that was most definately...Unusual.
from sinner-85 :
Hi. I would just like to know how to edit the story I wrote. I just need to change one of the things i used.
from kalel592002 :
If anyone can tell me how to edit one of the stories I wrote for airtheorchid - please let me know, okay?
from drkchoclover :
definetly well written entries, you should look into publication, i would think there would be plenty of places that would publish these.... playboy or penthouse?? absolutely........
from naughtynymph :
Who wrote After Hours?
from kb8 :
Hi! Will you take my survey?
from bigone30 :
Hey there. Was introduced to this diary by sasori-gal. I found it pretty interesting so I decided to try my hand at a sex story...check out "The Babysitter" and let me know. B
from reelthing :
just imagine yourself naked under a streaming 50 ft waterfall wrapped up with someone special holding each other tight feeling the rush of the water anyway: HAVE A HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY SWEETER THAN HONEY!!!
from hotkeys :
no problem :) you have a great diary thou.
from hotkeys :
Tired of typical feedbacks and comments from boring review sites? Hotkeys is now open to give your diary a more exciting review! Check us out and find out how HOTKEYS REVIEW is different from the rest!
from kalel592002 :
I worked for an Adult Video company and thought I would recommend a few terrific videos that I think you (as a sexy lady) might find interesting. Andrew Blake is always terrific - see NIGHT TRIPS 1 or 2 for sensuality or HIDDEN OBSESSIONS (my all-time favourite) for sexy fun. SEARCH FOR THE SNOW LEOPARD is a high-budget, interesting film with a stunning cast and great special effects. I love your diary and if you'd like some further recommendations, just want to chat sometime or want to read my diary (kalel592002), please feel free.
from gwenllian :
Very nice.
from wickedrose :
Wow, I love your site. Very... Yummy.
from raven72d :
Videos... try Andrew Blake's "House of Dreams" and "Secrets"... brilliant erotica!! And the hilarious "Party Doll A Go-Go"(and anything else by Rinse Dream!)
from blab :
Hey who wrote Ragdoll?
from mandypandy83 :
You've been nominated!
from oxthebitchxo :
umm are u like totally obbssed bout sex or some shit n masturbating? bc lately ive been masturbating a lot, wif using a vib, feels good btw lol, but i cant seem 2 cum! got ne tipz? lol
from discotheque :
please have a story about 21 year old virgin boy getting laid for the first time and please talk about what he should do to the woman so he doesnt seem so clueless. Please give detailed instructions, thanks,
from saftey-pin :
one word....WOW!
from mandypandy83 :
For you:
from untruetales :
Is there any way I could link to you using one of those cool buttons you have under the words "link to us". Sign my guestbook and let me know.
from ashenwings :
please update the older archive page, they got messed up along the road and andrew said to fix them ourselves.... it messes up the entries that have been written.
from truviolet :
luv it babe. keep writing!
from deepblueday :
it's great to finally see a fantasy that has taken contraception into consideration. of course it's not sexy to write about you stopping to whip out a condom... but at least the person who wrote "back with my ex" bothered to mention it. great work :)
from adaveen :
This is my new favorite site. I will definately be coming back for more!
from livingwreck :
Love it!
from secretutopia :
Wow! Absolutely beautiful ;)
from paw4awhile :
Hi This slave read your log. This slave is the 24/7 TPE slave of Master Wheelie aka mstwheelie Please feel free to visit this slave at This slave also runs a number of diaryland web rings. You can see these at
from swimmer-sar :
i like it.
from goodvibez6 :
Whoever wrote a night to remember, should post the second part. Oh god , i just creamed my pants.
from sheblogs :
who ever wrote that latest one....the professor and the WOW!!!!
from goodvibez6 :
I love you.
from kittums :
Lovely, wonderful site. I'll be sure to add my tales.
from fetishfire :
*drools* you rock...
from lunardwarf :
I clicked on the banner and took a look and I find... a story romanticizing rape... How terribly tragic is that? I shan't be back, thanks.
from rabid-ferret :
there is a diffrence between cheap porn and erotica.
from starelements :
I love the one entry "My First time" that was so amazing i love it.
from e-nymph :
great idea. i love it and will return. sexuality is a beautiful thing that should be shared and enjoyed. bravo!
from itylus :
The entry about "my first time" was very moving... it wasn't just erotic, it really touched me. It made me sad and happy too, and I can't really explain and don't know why. Thankyou for sharing.
from sunshine831 :
beautiful writing.
from singedangel :
This, is quite possibly the greatest diary I have ever stumbled across. Bravo.
from goodvibez6 :
you are beautiful.
from trealm :
i think this is a fantastic idea. i have a few erotic pieces in my repertoire, maybe i'll find the courage to share one day.
from up-skirt :
A very tasty public diary. I could browse for hours... take a few minutes to rejuvinate myself... and then re-browse. Hahaha.
from morals :
right on! i love it!
from shewrites21 :
found your diary while browsing. your entries are intriguing and sensual...*bites her lip* i can't wait to read more!
from elitemembers :
You're LISTED.

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