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from spiraldancer :
You mentioned a new diary.....Can I read that as well? I would love to have a medicated moment. But I can't afford the doctor or the perscriptions. So I get to muddle through it on my own and struggle through each day pretending I am okay, when I am not. Maybe it makes me a stronger person? I see a counselor when I can afford the $15 to do so. Yeah. If you have another diary, I would very much like to continue reading.
from horngoddess :
I love you. Just thought I'd say that.
from hymen :
hey, the comment did post, this ennetation thing just takes a while to display / update the count. I only got it to please Kristof, anyway. 2001 was my first attempt at going pink, it washed itself out after just 3 days or something, so I never met half the people I wanted to, as I'd told them they'd recognize me by my pink hair! Incidently, I redyed it today, at bit more pastelly, though.
from raven-zero23 :
I'm sorry to hear that you're closing your diary. Though I don't really... well, post comments or anything to your entries, I've been reading them for a while. I would just like to thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. I do hope that things get better for you. It seems as though you've reached a low point.. well, yeah, I guess mood disorders can do that to you, I know. Mmm, anyway, this is getting long. Just something to say thank you, thank you, thank you.
from lilith73 :
Stupid guestbooks aren't working! :( I liked your answers! And you know what? It was neat to see your parents good points. Was that a bad thing to say? I didn't mean it rudely or anything. But I liked your answers alot. It just proved what I already're awesome.
from stopit-billy :
Ok i have 25 now. wootness.. Tata* ~Rebection
from inkyemokid :
dude reading your diary is so much like reading my own wanna join my petition for stupid people to be sterilized?
from kolibri :
hey, if you're still wanting to read my journal your username and password are alayah. I really have no problem with most people reading it but some around here have big mouths, hence the reason i have a lock on it. i really like reading yours and you have some good music. anyway, I hope you enjoy.
from msmaggiemae :
I just wanted to tell you I <3 your banner. . b e t t y .
from icedrose17 :
okeys then. it just sounded like that. btw nice diary =)
from icedrose17 :
r u a singer? i can't really tell by ur last 2 entries and i'm too lazy to look at the rest o.o but it seems like it...
from myhorizons :
Great banner ad!
from stopit-billy :
oh well. i thought id ask. Tata* ~Rebection
from stopit-billy :
hey i would really like to join ur NIN diaryring, but at the present time I only have 19 entries cuz i made a new one. i update frequently so i should have 25 fairly soon. can i join the ring now or do i have 2 wait until i make 25?

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