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from badghurl3 :
hey sweet diary well mesage me to holla
from lousrose :
your poor knee! *hugs* i hope you recover soon. i am so glad you had a good day :) i know the bad days can seem just plain horrible, but you don't have to wait long before something good happens and you have another happy day, or two :) you deserve it! and good job for passing!! you are so talented! xoxo. lots of love, whit
from cdghost :
stumbled across your words and found them very interesting to say the least.have a good morning, the cdghost
from annexx :
Hi! I think you must own the quilted site so I thought I'd inform you that the email isn't working. I tried submitting my quilt by this email: [email protected] but there's a problem with it.
from parlance :
I like the colours of your diary. They are [quite] nice.
from lousrose :
omg! i stayed up so late watching the oscars and put myself through hell in school monday haha. holy shit the oscars are always so moving to me and i always cry. i cried when charlize theron made her speech, that was SO sweet! and sean penn! and nicole kidman was so fucking gorgeous! ahem..... lmfao.
from raven72d :
I hope your Christmas is going well... And, yes, I will go see ROTK the day after Christmas...
from filmstarrevu :
Your review is up, I'm sorry it took so long - Great diary though :)
from lisse :
your teacher's lesson plans have to be one whole page per week? that just goes to show how my CT is. she doesn't write lesson plans at all!
from phonics :
g-book not working :o( I like Night Beaver...wasn't the B-Side to that one 'Sprayin' Alive - the Skunk Remix'? Mxx
from idiotreviews :
Enjoy getting reviewed? Come to Idiot Reviews!
from our-views :
Your review is up at Our Views. Thanks for submitting your diary!
from lastyeargirl :
Oh my god! You're so... balanced! ;)
from cheekyreview :
Like getting reviewed? Check out Cheeky Reviews!
from lastyeargirl :
Congratulations sweetie! I've just realised I haven't left you a note in forever. Hope you don't think I don't care xx
from filmstarrevu :
I just started a review site, and noticed you were on the pending list for a site I review for as well... Just wondered if you would like a review from my new site? Maybe hear from you soon!
from annieangel2 :
I'd really like to read your diary (and you are equally welcome to read mine, it's unlocked) could I have the password?
from marn :
It is amazing how much the mind influences athletic performance. Even someone who's older than dirt like me can psyche herself into things she never thought possible. Believe in yourself. I mean it. Don't let doubt hold you back. And Liv, thank you for inspiring me, for donating to the cancer run in Montreal. I'm grateful for your generosity.
from lastyeargirl :
Hope you're having a gorgeous time (but what's a kefalonia?!)
from redlantern :
Hey :) Don't ask how I found your diary (I can't remember!) but I've just spent the last hour reading through all your entries... Really interesting, thanks :) Rach xXx
from elateddream :
Thanks for the welcome back =)
from pinky-angel :
I've been reading you since I arrived @ Dland 7 months ago and was hoping you wouldn't mind giving me the password (pretty please) :o)
from elateddream :
I'm back *grins*
from smileyreview :
Hi! I'm Amby from SmileyReview and I'd just like to notify you that you have been placed in the queue and we're terribly sorry for the long wait, but we'll be getting to your journal in no time! Thanks for waiting patiently! :)
from megl42 :
Hi! Thanks for joining the BTVS thank you ring! Hope you enjoyed the seven seasons of Buffy, and may your favorite character cross over to Angel! :)
from barefootsage :
In my own diary I talk much about Imagination.That is why your diary title caught my eye.
from maralisa :
Silly. I was talking about you :)
from maralisa :
Don't be silly... I don't like to talk about this stuff you know, that's why I hide it all away, come online and talk to the people who always make me feel better about things that aren't how fed-up I am. Or something... anyway, you're lovely, and thank you for all your niceness xx
from rainyday6 :
yo. your diary is entertaining, and the layout is lovely. just thought I'd let you know ^_^ later!
from urban-faerie :
*after already - daft Belgian keyboard. Anyway I really will shut up now!
from urban-faerie :
Lounge wear??? That IS daft. Your outfit does sound nice though, and I don't know what it is with mascara either, it makes my eyes look even smaller when they're wee and slitty anyway! grrr. Anyway have fun at the dinner, and I'll leave you alone now afer qlready bugging you in the guestbook. xxx
from maralisa :
No, thank YOU my darling, for providing a delightful distraction from the joys of the Distance Selling Directive. I can't wait for the summer holidays...
from starlight42 :
hope the kids start behaving better..have a good weekend!
from kb8 :
Hi! Please take my survey!
from lc-revues :
hi! your review has been posted. Thank you for requesting a review from LC Revues. We really appreciate it.
from pinky-angel :
Thanks for the note in my GB.. Congratulations on Quilted - It's doing so well!! And it's not a problem having the link on my diary, I'm getting plenty of traffic back ;o)
from lousrose :
hey hon. thanks so much for that entry. i still read your diary all the time. and if you ever need me i'm here too. i love talking to you and i'm always here if you need someone to listen to you, hugs, xoxo.
from maralisa :
username=passport, password=control xx
from witchre-vue :
Technically, I don't review diaries with a template someone else made but I see you've made some adjustments and well, I'm kinda desparate so, sure. :)
from starlight42 :
Glad things are looking up for you...just ran across your diary. Keep smiling!
from sharpsecret :
u should want to live.u are a breautiful person x
from candid-revu :
Ever thought of having your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu, for your reviewing pleasure ;) *this isn�t spam, we�re just letting you know we�re open*
from diaryreviews :
hey, your review is up at diaryreviews!
from gads-wadeva :
hey...i haven't updated my diary as i changed to free open diary...username: 0xymoronic...sorry...
from poppyfish :
Oh, please do help me with my accent! I'd love it!
from raven72d :
As we say in Volapuk-- lefredik Kritidazal! (Now-- isn't that cooler than just "Merry Christmas"?)
from raven72d :
Sounds fun...
from raven72d :
Mister Burns... what a wonderfully strange image! Trampoline? You do trampoline?
from raven72d :
I'd love to find out why you had to arrange Urdu numbers...
from b-rockthemic :
looks like you have your work cut out for you
from xxemokatiexx :
I've added you to my card collection, if you'd like to add me back. =P
from dancerasp :
beaches is always a movie my mom and i cry together watching too! it's one of my favorites
from glitterscars :
maralisa say: too lazy to log out, but thanks for the comment, heh! Just wait til we get to the next chapter, if I can ever be bothered!
from lousrose :
yep, it looks much better. how would you like to change it though? you said it's not exactly how you'd like it to look. i'd love to help- html can't take us down! lol ttyl.
from lousrose :
of course I don't mind at all, do ask for help anytime you wish. you very simply have the codes wrong for your rings. for each ring, you just need to have this code: %% diaryring_ringname%% so for example, for your ally mcbeal code, you just need to type: %%diaryring_allymcbeal%% To make sure it's not crowded, I would add <br> in between each code, and that's it! hope I helped. if you have any questions I'm here :)
from lousrose :
no prob. I forgot to tell you too that I love your diary- when I was checking for the code I read through a few entries and it's awesome! BTW I've done html for a couple of years now- if you need help with your rings page I'd be happy to assist. I wouldn't count on dland to reply though; they never respond to my emails :P later.
from dullstar :
hurrah for judy blume!
from lousrose :
hey hun, welcome to the brad pitt diaryring!
from neko-carre :
Welcome to the Cancerians diaryring!
from glitterscars :
When you get to the stage when you skip a day of your diary and actually itch due to it, then you'll know you've got it bad. I miss my guestbook... :(
from perceptionss :
Liv, Can you really go Trampolining? I just get this mental picture of you and a big smile! Booby

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