I try to behave but it eats me alive...

You bite through the big wall, the big wall bites back / You just sit there and sulk, sit there and bawl / You are so pretty when you're on your knees / Disinfected, eager to please / Sometimes you sulk, sometimes you burn / God rest your soul / When the loving comes and we've already gone...

My favorite diaries:

gbg profile - diary
comments: "I'm not the only one, staring at the sun."
away-king profile - diary
comments: "New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody talk about pop music"
krazyloko profile - diary
comments: "Ohhh, the sweetest thing"
operafloozy profile - diary
comments: "What you got they can't steal it, no they can't even feel it"
auracounts profile - diary
comments: "She moves in mysterious ways."
alirah profile - diary
comments: "Shake it shake it shake it Salome"
grenjelybean profile - diary
comments: "Even better than the real thing"
beannachd profile - diary
comments: "I'll be up with the sun, and I'm not coming down"
panjandrum profile - diary
comments: "The Unforgettable Fire"
dizzysyd profile - diary
comments: "Mother, mother fucking rock n roll!"
invernal profile - diary
comments: "One love, one life, one need in the night"
faith5by5in profile - diary
comments: "And a woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle."
littlespoons profile - diary
comments: "I know a girl, a girl called Party, Party Girl"
amikins2001 profile - diary
lifeoflindz profile - diary
mafire7 profile - diary
wyndhover profile - diary
shadyslayer profile - diary
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My favorite music:

comments: This is my band. Mm Bono. MMM Bono/Edge.
Juniper Lane
comments: Awesome local band from DC that I love to itty bitty pieces.
comments: I blame Aura. Also, Sigur Ros and Coldplay are good.
Common Rotation
comments: I <3 Adam and Eric. Whee!
The Classics...
comments: The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Police, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, the GOOD stuff.

My favorite movies:

American Beauty
comments: Favorite film of all time. (At least for now)
Empire Records
comments: Favorite movie of all time. (Yes, there's a difference.)
Boondock Saints
comments: <3 Norman Reedus. He should be Sirius Black, not Gary Oldman.
comments: I love it so much, because it mocks organized religion but not spirituality.
The New Guy
comments: Scene 16. That's all I have to say, yo.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: The Stand is my favorite book. Ever. End of story.
comments: Othello could be my favorite, by him at least.
Joss Whedon
comments: Shush, he so counts. The Body. OMWF. Restless. Come one now.
Barbara Kingsolver
comments: I really really liked Prodigal Summer.
JK Rowlings
comments: Mmm, Order of the Phoenix!

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