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from faith5by5in :
Just letting you know, my new username on Diaryland is MarineBoi. Hope you come check it out sometime. Luv ya. Ta.
from misspinkkate :
Come take the new survey just for "Queer Eye" fans, fab5fans, created by me!
from beannachd :
I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well, Meg. Hope that you're better soon.
from back-drifts :
holy bananas! where did you get that layout? it's glorious!! positively glorious. I just adore radiohead, 110%. nice diary you've got too, of course. cheers and much <3 to you. rock on, radiohead. rock the fuck on.
from misspinkkate :
I'm so excited! I was hoping somebody would start one as soon as the show started. Cheers Queers!
from cold--fusion :
No no, thank YOU ;D
from bansheerose :
Hey clicked a banner ended up here. Good luck with your html problem and I hope you get your ipod working again.
from spikes-hunny :
Hey thanks for the note ^_^ I love the diaryrings. And hey cool layout. ~Rachael
from mafiaangel33 :
Hiya! I came across your site cuz I joined ur diary ring thing. So I figured I'd check out ur diary. Awesome diary, like the layout.
from damnedguitar :
Thanks so much for the welcome! That was so nice of you. Take care. :-)
from confused269 :
Hey i came across ur site and i wanna say i LOVE the layout and i think ur diary is really good!
from mkboog :
Very Nice Layout!
from fitzy- :
i wanna be cool, so im gonna say that u have a cool layout. if u think im cool, go to (or, if u dont, tell me, at (psst. pass it on)
from pernoqueen :
Thanks for the welcome. ;)
from inaptbeauty :
o wow.
from resonant :
from gbg :
"Don't touch me I'm a live wire, and I'll be singing this song til these lines grow tired." OMIGOD thank u soooooo much like for the welcome! U wrock! (Or something to that affect, which I get a lot for my welcomes. :-�)
from liquid-mojo :
Ok, I admit it, I clicked the Madonna/Brittney kiss banner... Nice marketing strategy... ;)
from krazieespy :
Guestbooks dont seem to be working, but I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT!!!!!! It is the best I have seen by far... Keep up the great work.. Do You have any pictures of Xtina with them??
from my-matthew :
Thanks for the welcome note. It was very sweet of you. I'm sure every true Buffy fan is going to truly miss Buffy, but hey we always have the reruns, right.
from wallfly :
Hi! Thanks for the welcome note. I tell everyone to watch Queer Eye. My daughter and I think Kyan is so cute. We love them all tho. Today I was even trying to get my mom to watch it.
from despira :
Thanks for the note! I love willow especially when shes goes all kick ass and trys to destroy the world.But I must say I enjoy cute old willow more ^^
from tienesmiedo :
it was not until tonight that my mother understood why carson is by faar thee most superior queer. the boy is sharp as a tack, he simply cannot be beat
from tienesmiedo :
that show is so darn addictive. i think i am going to kidnap carson. you in?
from witchypixie :
thanks for the little note welcoming me to your ring, that was sweet of you..:)
from sunshynez :
thanks for welcoming me to your ring.. very few ring-makers ever do that.. its my pleasure to join your ring because I've fallen in love with BtVS.. thanks again
from daisy-daisy :
Thanks for the welcome. ;) And - heavens! Someone else likes Common Rotation. Fantastic.
from wyndhover :
So... maybe don't fuck yourself over anymore?
from marsterslady :
Vivion is going to love the graphics. She just is. They were perfect.
from diary-viewer :
Would you like a new diary review? If so, check out the site at
from marsterslady :
Squee! I just squee'd, for perhaps the first time ever. And it was for you! You're on your way, at this very moment, to meet James Marsters and... oh, shoot. What's the name of that other guy? Oh yeah! Anthony Stewart Head. ::melts:: Hope you have the most AMAZING time! Details, baby, details. Remember it all, and share along with pictures pictures pictures. :)
from ghostiness :
Happy to join the ring... words can't express how much we owe to Joss Whedon. :) thanks for letting me be a part.
from faith5by5in :
LOL! Hey I liked the movie 'Blue Crush'.
from faith5by5in :
Hey, I know I'm on your favorite's, I just wanted to let you know I have a password on my diary now cause certain people were reading it that I would prefer not read it. Note me if you'd like a password.
from invernal :
Ack! I also forgot to mention, I love your use of U2 lines to describe your friend's diaries! CP, U2 and JEW rule!
from invernal :
Thanks for the welcome. After I read you entry, I just had to provide a better goodbye of my own. I'm glad that us Buffy freaks (and I use that term with all the love and understanding that a freak deserves) can find solace and comfort in our collective grieving. Your diary is so incredibly beautiful.
from his-boy :
I hated the ending.I cant believe Spike is gone.and Anya.I will miss Buffy really much but without Spike it would really suck
from lorster :
I did enjoy the finale. I did not enjoy Spike's disintegration. Alas.... :)
from babydani :
Your Buffy thank-you was very very sweet. It really expressed what I, and I bet hnudreds of other Buffy fans feel. Although I watched the finale last night, I still get sappy when I think that it's officially over. I began watching Buffy in S2, and it's so nice to see a 'new' fan really care for the show as much as the older fans! Aww, I think I'm gonna cry..
from maddypunk :
Dear lord, with out Buffy, what will we do? Buffy has been an amazing show for all these years, I feel your pain. Man do I ever. R.I.P Buffy
from tragiclovest :
Thank you for the greeting. I wish I could watch it.. unfortunately, I don't get UPN where I am. The satellite doesn't pick it up because it's a local channel, and the local antenna doesn't pick it up for some reason. I've been without Buffy for most of this season... :(
from pastagirl :
Thanks for the welcome :) We'll see what wil happen...
from cowgirlkym :
thanks. I'm petrified about the end of Buffy. I've got to wait for another 4 weeks in the UK. I'll have my head in the sand so I don't find out what happens. (Please don't let anyone (else) die!)
from grenjelybean :
You mean you want me to go through all that work to change a comment. Cheeseandrice Man! The things I do for my internet friends. Hmmph!
from vadergirl :
Wah! Tuesdays will never be the same. +sighs+ In fact Tuesday was really the only night I watched TV. I usually only watch morning cartoons nowadays or maybe a good history special on pbs or something. =(
from maralisa :
The first one was an accident actually, although the sentiment is there! (I'm not on any rings at all as elliemulder... oops :) Thanks for creating the ring ! Although being in the UK I get "the end" postponed for I think it's seven weeks, it's only a small comfort. I never expected to be almost as upset as when The X-Files finished! xx
from gbg :
Dude, your notes section sucks. Those people need a good thwapping. Blagh. Anywhooo. Welcome to the Wal-Mart Sucks diaryring, bay-bee! :-� Did you know that in 7 more entries, you will have hit 100? Rawk on.

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