Dramatic Un-Enactment

Supposedly I'm supposed to say something interesting here. But, that would require me to be interesting. So far, I'm just funny. And not even all the time.

My favorite diaries:

linzmat profile - diary
comments: One of the coolest Lindsey's out there. Give my collegiate best friend a read, eh?
alesay profile - diary
comments: Funny cynic, what's better?
edrodonwaldo profile - diary
comments: Connected through linzmat. He's a creative writer who doesn't update much anymore, but still worth a read.
musicman6724 profile - diary
comments: He's my dad, what can I say? Christian turned Buffy-addict. I believe these ARE signs of an Apocalypse
miss-edith profile - diary
comments: Correction: Her life does not suck. Her life rules. She's still funny.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: She doesn't know me, but holy crap! WONDERFUL writing. I want to be that good when/if I grow up. Funny too!
invernal profile - diary
comments: we met through a diaryring...he runs the Andrew ring, and is a brilliant man. He likes U2, Coldplay, and JEW, whaddaya expect, cept greatness? Blog-style, I tink
jestersblood profile - diary
comments: Awesome girl. Met her through a chat room... funny how those bring people together nowadays :)
quillz profile - diary
comments: Same as jestersblood. Met in the chat room at the same time as jesters, and she's just as cool.
imaginated profile - diary
comments: Dad beat me to 'em... I found 'em first! *glares* anyway... FUN-NY. And oddly a lot like me
spacemuppet profile - diary
comments: Amazing writing. One of the few men I've seen on Diaryland...I don't look too hard, but still...they're the minority.
downforever profile - diary
comments: Awesome dude. Funny, seems godly, and just awesome.
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: A very funny and creative person, with an odd retro style. I like her.
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: Funny funny funny, Monty Python-lover, and she shares my problem of being "soda"y... screw "one thought per entry". This way's more fun. (And she hates "Reality" TV, go her!!)
splorch profile - diary
comments: Very intriguing person. Found through a love of Jim Butcher, but found out she's a fellow Buffy fan. Rock on.
spritopias profile - diary
comments: Caesar is dead! Long live Caesar! Hail!
demons-r-us profile - diary
comments: Buffy fans unite! And...this one seems at least slightly like me. Woopie!
chadin profile - diary
comments: I'm not even going to say "funny" because I think you can figure that out by now. He proved me correct though!
what---if profile - diary
comments: incredibly thought-provoking, and oh yeah, they dug the Time Machine. Woopie
ghanima profile - diary
comments: Love the layout, the diary, the person. Read.
taydo profile - diary
comments: The funniest little gay man I've ever read. Read him. You'll love him. You better.
cornflake1 profile - diary
comments: Funny. Severus Snape-obsessed. Can she get any better? I submit that she cannot
damnedguitar profile - diary
comments: *Melts* This chick? Awesome. Loves rock music, and Buffy... but more importantly, Spike. Rock on
oddgoogle profile - diary
comments: Mmm...funny stuff here. I've received some odd googles myself... hee.
augustdreams profile - diary
comments: She is one of the most wonderful ladies I've read here, and a little dog too! bwahaha! Seriously, though, uplifting and neat.
brucedowns profile - diary
comments: Daily Nonsense.... mmm. I'm Nonsensical enough, but it helps to see it in others.
jesbohn profile - diary
comments: Some funny, tired-of-this-world's-crap stuff.
switchcraft profile - diary
comments: A master debater and a fun read as well. :)
gettingnaked profile - diary
comments: Funny, and has similar tastes as me! And, she's a redhead. Cool chica.
fan4 profile - diary
comments: An absolutely delightfully sweet girl who I've had the joy of corresponding with about whether or not she really does like Buffy. Read her. She rocks.
orange2o profile - diary
comments: 15 year old guy who likes school about as much as I do sometimes
amomsmusings profile - diary
comments: Cool mom lady :) Very awesome.
lifeasme66 profile - diary
comments: She seems very cool, and she knows a thing or two about how to actually write in English. Plus, Amy Lee is rock-awesome.
beckers-j profile - diary
comments: Totally wicked awesome! Andrew-quoters are all good in my book.
megmarch profile - diary
comments: Huzzah for gorram browncoats! She seems like a very wonderful chica.
buffylass profile - diary
comments: Buffy fans unite! Bad spellers untie!

My favorite music:

Scissor Sisters
comments: Okay, yes they are very gay, and very strange, but I lurve them, so shut up.
Nerf Herder
comments: Still pretty dang funny.
Jane's Addiction
comments: Perry Farrell is my burnt Jewish boyfriend. And Dave Navarro is mmm-worthy
Tori Amos
comments: Sarah McLachlan, too.
Jamie Cullum
comments: Mmmm... my Jazzy British boyfriend.

My favorite movies:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
comments: Whee! Those great Brits.
Queen of the Damned
comments: Very nice vampire movie. I enjoyed it, at least. Mmm Stuart Townsend.
comments: Guy Pearce with memory problems? Hot! Teehee.
Secondhand Lions
comments: A beautiful film. Pretty family friendly, and just a great movie
Spinal Tap
comments: Hee! Christopher Guest is my mock-umentary boyfriend.

My favorite authors:

Oscar Wilde
comments: My gay author boyfriend
Jim Butcher
comments: Harry Dresden series, and the Codex Alera fantasy series... both fantastical. Harry is yummy.
Tracy Chevalier
comments: Beautiful historical fiction writer. Her stories are brilliant.
Joss Whedon
comments: He wrote Buffy... which, ok, isn't a book, but you get the point.
Charlaine Harris
comments: Southern Vampire series. So cute.

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