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from amber-darko :
Hi! My name's Amber and I'm 23. I am writing a book about my personal account of self hate and self harm. I'd like to include some personal stories from different stages in healing, different sexes and different ages to show that no one is the same, but we all are hurting in ways that we are unable to convey. I do not intend on printing names, there is no length restriction and I will not censor. I have decided to also include poetry or just general opinions. Please email me if you are interested. [email protected]
from overlyemo :
Hey, I am in the process of coming back to Diaryland. I am deleting some entries I don't want read by others, putting someone private folders to keep safe and getting some stuff up. For now, I'll be locked. Your username and password is: buddies/caseylovesyou
from bleakreverie :
username everyone password chance04
from raven72d :
I love your layout image... And the little profile image.
from dyingisanart :
username is ciara and the password is 171
from dyingisanart :
i love your diary and added you to my favorites- check my diary out if you like!--ciara
from dyingisanart :
i love your diary and added you to my favorites- check my diary out if you like!--ciara
from bleakreverie :
so glad to see you updated...although it has not been that long.. i still miss seeing new words written down so beautifully...
from unwordlypain :
Sarah, Your poems are incredable!They speak out for many people who won' me....if you could....please im me sometime.....I'm UnFoRgIvInGmInD thanx!
from chocolatelvr :
i cant think of anything to say, i'm so awed by your poetry. but i was compelled to leave you a note anyway. your writing inspires me; i want to be a writer in my later ages (i hate saying, 'when i'm older') and i can only wish i were as talented as you. please tell me if you publish a book or something...i'd buy 5 copies!! seriously!! xoxo ~ sara
from bare-my-soul :
you write so beautifully, i loved "Sarah In Transit". are you doing anything with your poetry? you really have to look into it. love rose
from penguinwhore :
Hey, I noticed we were both in the exploding dog ring. Im a big fan of sams drawing, and have been sad that hes not drawing so much anymore, so I came up with my own site. You may enjoy it -clare
from missused :
Thank you for joining my volleyball diaryring!
from sundried :
please help me out by making donations to PayPal, so we can keep Dried-Tears up and running and having better progress.There is a link in my diary.Thanks-JR PS: If you do, this will get me to be on a better level with the members.
from soandsotgs :
hey i found this link and thought it was funny.... since you are a member of the homestar diaryring i thought you mmight enjoy it too tell me what you think
from avalonia :
Welcome to the Pills diaryring! Thankyou for joining :))
from x-1st-love :
rather then asking why beauty perishes so soon you might wanna ask why we stop seeing it so soon.
from dewshine :
Your banner is hilarious. I clicked on it to save the kittens. Did I?
from painted-fish :
you are understood
from gnometits :
cool, i'm not the only member of the koufax diary ring anymore.
from heidiann :
Welcome to the Geek Love diaryring! Thanks so much for joining. =)
from a-nymph :
so well written I will have to keep reading!
from unrequited13 :
awesome poetry and much enjoyed. keep it up. and yes, happiness deserves a chance.
from daath :
Your poetry is quite evocative: good metaphors that aren't obscure, plain prose, almost a cancerous sense of honesty and observation. I very much like the few I've read so far ('feelings I keep in a shoebox', 'adventures in a remote controlled car')
from daath :
Many thanks for adding me to your favorite's list :) I'll stop by and check your journal out sometime soon.
from jujub27 :
Hey. What's up? I'm new to this site, and I was checking to see anyone else who lives in Rome, NY. I'm a Junior (soon to be Senoir) at RFA, where do you go to school? -JuJu

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