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from dragonbuds :
Sad {{hugs}} for you. ~ Inkdragon
from godmoney :
wait--u have an msi ring?
from dragonbuds :
Hurray and Congratulations! ~ Inkdragon
from dragonbuds :
Good to hear from you. You sound great!
from dragonbuds :
Good to read your update. Hope you can get together with your family soon. Good for you and Ryan!
from inkdragon :
Pictures would be great!
from inkdragon :
Hope you are still happy!
from bloodyvisage :
no problem :) i love those guys hey, besides ebay, do u know of a place where i can get the frankenstein girls CD for a(fairly)cheap price?
from inkdragon :
Hurray for happiness!
from inkdragon :
I think you should see your dad. You're right, it's not about saying goodbye, it's about saying I love you and I'm here for you. Please let us know how it all goes. On a much lighter note, I wish I had the patience to do my nails on a regular basis. All those pretty colors.... Have a great day.
from inkdragon :
10/20/03 Thinking of your dad and family. Take care of yourself.
from silver-venus :
it's nice to know that there is another person on Dland that's afflicted with rock, and your diary is awesome
from soandsotgs :
hi, i wanted to tell you i liked your diary and that i LOVE user name on neopets is bubblbutt in case you wanna be my neofriend.... i wanted to show you this website that i think is pretty funny.... tell me what you think
from christonabun :
I've locked my diary. Consider yourself one of the privlidged few - you can e-mail me for your password if you so desire.
from katehackett :
YAHHHH!!! HORRAAAAAAY! :O) Please swing by anytime! Yaaaaay for you.
from lovely-freak :
fixed it baby, yeah!
from inkdragon :
I am glad you are saving these entries.
from inkdragon :
Are you ok?
from silkenluck :
Yeah PCOS can't be cured but you can 'beat it' and keep it under control. I went 10 years undiagnosed and even developed diabetes :/ Work hard and you can beat. I am - slowly but surely! I think it was the thought of what I would lose if I didn't do something about it that gave me the biggest motivation to finally stick to the exercise and changes in my diet ... 'no matter what'. I still have moments where life gets me down and it's frustrating, I think that's pretty normal. But for the most part my PCOS and insulin resistance symptoms are under control. I'm hoping that when it's time to start trying for a baby I'll have done everything I possibly could to combat it. Still I was pretty devastated with the diagnosis... and I still struggle with some of the issues surrounding PCOS. Keep your chin up - there IS hope!
from christonabun :
Wow, I'm really sorry to hear about that...I hope everything turns out okay. Oh, just picked up the Bitches/Molly single! Yeah, I know, but I live in Kentucky, and these things take awhile... - Chris
from indigoscooby :
yeah, how do you join a diary ring? cos I'll join, yes I will
from tessarex :
Porcelina is a great tune!
from punk-loser :
i started the first MSI ring on diaryland.. if you're not already a member join the MSI-brats.. i'll join yours too.
from christonabun :
Hey! I really appreciate the card, that was cool! But look...coconut and chili oil liquor? I mean, I'll drink just about anything, but damn! Glad you started a worthwhile ring, and keep in touch. -Chris
from xashopediesx :
i dunno how to join..and i dont know how it works..not so great with computers.i'll join tho..cuz MSI fucking kicks motherfucking ass.
from xnevereverx :
okay, i joined, and thanks!
from linuxchik :
love to join the MSI ring. keep in touch!
from munesboi :
thanx for the invite....i'll join a mindless ring for sure... there's a cooler site for journals and pics and articles and other stuff.....not too many of us (MSI fans) on there..but a few!!'s definetly way better than here...your ring may go better there...u should check it out....let me know what ya to ya later
from aragh :
i am on a note-giving spree... and you win!!! happy birthday, you've won a million dollars!!!

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