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from melieann :
what a pretty layout. i love reading about all the pets. we have three dogs (one paralyzed) and two cats AND a teenager (i guess that counts. melanie
from soulepiphany :
That is EXACTLY my philosophy, and it's worked out alright so far. Thanks for the note! ~sara
from drew1986 :
You took me off your fave diaries list? :'(
from cindie-loo :
hahaha....i know what you are is basically pointless these days to go to a what i do. add your whole buddy list on you AIM list...if you have one. it is much more fun. heck, you dont even have to know these people. lol.
from diotoir :
Don't be afraid to test your voice by pushing it a little. I had nodules on the cords about 4 years ago, and, although they never completely go away unless you have them operated on, it doesn't mean your voice won't be as good as it was before. Take it from me - I'm booked to sing at weddings again! Good luck, and don't let the nodules beat you.
from thegrayarea :
I'd like to see a model eating cheesecake, too. Mmm, cheesecake.
from bwallace :
When are the Furs going to release a new one? Heard anything?
from planetarium :
i saw you had me listed as a favorite and it made me smile, so thank you. unfortunately, i haven't had time to check out your diary but it's on the to-do list, i swear. have a good one. - jenn
from thegrayarea :
Hey. When'd you get back?
from princessniq :
thanks for the note, you totally TOTALLY made my day. I've been perusing your recent thoughs too. I like your sense of humor.
from ibepiglet :
tried to read you today, but it's password locked (?)
from ara-aspasia :
I don't like icecream either :)
from thecrankyone :
Hi there, I just stumbled on to your diary thru a guestook entry you left at Frogrustoo. I love your diary. I just wanted to say I am also a major Pink Floyd Fan. oh and 2001 a space Odessy makes much more sense if you read the Arthur C. Clarke book it was based on. Stanly Kubrik cut too much out. Holly
from cassiopeia- :
I have been having a hard time getting into your diary! I hope not anymore! kisses, cassie
from crisostimo :
Damn, that Avidproxy is sexy! I'm glad to finally put your pic up. Keep it up this time though! =)
from crisostimo :
Ok, I'd have to say that you have a well fed ghost somewhere in your house. Either that or your chicken will strangely appear, a year from now, where it was taken from. That shit just happens. Trust me on this one. =)
from dullstar : signed my guestbook so i thought i'd leave you a note. i'm sorry about the hepzi dilemma, but i never thought about that aspect of suicide. every little aspect that one is involved in is adversely affected; reality check. i hope it works out for you and your friend.
from dragonscales :
i HATE hate HATE [!!] saying no too. But in your case I'd do it. You're a smart woman, I'm sure you'll do the right thing [and say NO!] hehe
from silentone :
Hey! I can't claim to know you very well, but your diary's new look seems to suit your personality well. I like it. -tso
from jessieescola :
re: outgrabe's guestbook

i sort of like all of the teen angsty stuff. it reminds me of when i was a teenager. also good, since i'm going to be a highschool teacher.
from cassiopeia- :
Is your diary going to locked forever? *pout*
from weatherking :
there's a ghost living in my file cabinet here at work. spooky, huh. ciao!
from fat-so :
thank-you so much for the msg you left in our guestbook. it is people like you who give us hope and strength. thank-you again, xoxox
from dragonscales :
just wondering, what's norton? am i a complete idiot for not knowing??
from trancejen :
Those are some kickass boots. Cool.
from fluff328 :
Of course, after the school bus driver kidnapped those kids in Philly yesterday, maybe the sound of the bus isn't quite so comforting. What a crap world we live in....can't put the kids on the bus, can't wear shoes on the airplane, can't take a gun into the Supreme Court.... I love your writing, by the way! Where do you come up with your ideas?! Ellie.
from terae :
Thanks for leaving me a note. :) It's too bad your dogs' name isn't Lulu, though. It's such an easy name to remember, and even easier to pronounce. As you can probably assume, I get a lot of mispronounciation with mine. It ends up sounding like Terry or Tera. Anyway, LuLu is all around a neat name for any living or non-living thing, and yet it's still not over-used. :)
from weatherking :
"Rakim"! I love that song!
from diotoir :
It was Oscar Wilde who said the bit about not wanting to be a member of any club that would take him as a member, I think. Either him or a Marx Brother, not totally sure...
from my-afterglow :
Hey-lo! Thanx for leaving me a note, I appreciate it, and I guess you're right. It IS one of those mom things. If it would've been a crappier poem I wonder what she would've said? Then again I don't think it would've been picked by people? I don't know. I'm proud..just not really wanting to show it off lol. Oh and I like your diary, you're funny :)
from dragonscales :
Since your so bored.. how about trying this out, if you haven't. Groovymom or They have great forums. :) xoxo
from dragonscales :
About the review... this is what I wrote to the lady. ///Hiya! ~ I know you reviewers hate it when "the reviewed" complain, but I just want to say one thing before I go on. I'm not complaining, there were a few mistakes in your review, and I just wanted to point them out. ~ Ok well for starters, you said "And you could also include links to your neweset and older page from your drop-down so readers don't have to scroll down to get to them." Well.. I have links to Before, Current, Older, and previous pages located at both the top and the bottom of all my entries. ~ Then you said, "You might consider a guesbtook though? ...and a counter " Well.. I have a message board, and a counter. I know a message board and a guestbook aren't exactly the same thing, but they serve the same purpose. Plus message boards allow you to insert smileys, links, and pictures. ~ By the way, thanks for reviewing me! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ~xoxo /// Overall it was a nice review though. I'm glad you liked it. :)
from dragonscales :
spelling error... don't we make a great bunch? I meant TOP TEN. Not whatever it was that I wrote.
from dragonscales :
lol. Are you having troubles lately or what?! I don't know why it sent you back to my site. All you should need to do is click on it, and it sends you to the tep ton diaries out of 250. There's no help for you. :) xoxo Christine
from whoisherbert :
Hey thanks for the thoguths. At least someone out there's listening. I like your journal by the way. Very smart.
from jensingtea :
thanks for leaving me the note about "the cake." it's nice to have an objective opinion because i can be so darn selfish sometimes. anyway, i really like your diary. feel free to come back and visit, as i will visit here, too.
from juniordame :
Thanks for the entry! =) It really made my day.
from litlerunaway :
lol sorry. I was worried that that might sound kinda harsh. Don't get me wrong. I'm not some size 1 16 yr. old who detests big girls. I'm a big (ish) girl myself and used to be pretty over weight. I just have a problem with those Twinkie people.
from lastbattle :
Thanks for signing. I like what I read. hahah wonder what category or style of writting I fit under (I swear I used to have meaningful things to say).
from tuxedo :
heh. mcwindow. excellent.
from katsigh :
Hey there. Thank you for feeling my pain about the guest books!
from defect :
yes, the song's called "candy" and it is the one with kate from the B-52's. 1990, I think it came out.
from avidproxy :
Just a test to see if html and I are friends...

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