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from namastesakhi :
could you please take me off your favorites list? and then could you erase this note as well? thanks :)
from shortst101 :
hey, where are you and what's happened to you?
from shortst101 :
Hey, guess what? I miss you!
from shortst101 :
Hope you have a wonderful day today! Miss ya!
from mellaranjuez :
I want a pet, i'm gonna buy a puppy just like the one you got. No, who the hell am I kidding? If i ever stopped hating animals and i felt like buying a pet i would buy a porcupine.
from shortst101 :
Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Christopher-Michael Happy Birthday to You.... Hugsssss to a wonderful guy. Hope you have a fun-filled birthday.
from prosperpine :
Unfortunately, 'squee' is simply what is sounds like, an expression of, well, squee!-ness. Try saying it a glass shattering pitch, you'll get the general impression.
from shortst101 :
I have noticed that you are back and tried to leave Guestbook entries..however there is not place for me to do I don't know what's up with that. Things haven't been good for me lately....but I'm sure you haven't seen that in my you wouldn't know. I'm here, i'm shouting back at you and i'm glad you are back.
from shortst101 :
Just saying hi.....glad you are back to updating when you can. Talk to me when you can....
from shortst101 :
I'm still here, as always. I'm glad to see you update. I miss you. Hugsssssssssssss, sighs, you deserve to have someone that loves you with all their heart and soul because you have so much to give. Don't give up.
from lauralgood :
Hey you! I am going through some old notes and came across yours and thought I would say hello! How is life treating you? Mine is ok. I will stop by again soon. Laural
from shortst101 :
I miss you
from shortst101 :
You should check out Invisible Don at
from wolfgirl88 :
*hug* Haha! XD Sorry about that...I was just really upset with the way things were going! o_@;;
from unwished :
I'm glad you like my layout, I made it myself because I love that song too. I'm sure that when you find someone, you will be their everything and so much more, you seem like a really nice guy.
from cdghost :
hey there, enjoyed the episodes that I read.. my friend in high school knew all about hump day... all the best,thecdghost
from danielle-y :
Hey hey hey. I'm just dropping by to wish you Happy Holidays and such. : D And you need to get a updating! Yes...indeed, you do! Heh. Love ya! <3s always, Danielle
from lauralgood :
boy, you better be being sarcastic when you say you don't want to write about things that are bugging you at work. What the hell do you think this thing is for? It is for you to get your frustrations out and to get in touch with your self. You will have some crazy frustration with working all those hours and fuck anyone who says anything negative about what you write. (well not literally...or maybe so...) You use this forum for you and you only. Now that I am through with my rant, congrats on your promotion, and keep smiling. laural
from spiffy12345 :
Wow! you are so great!
from lauralgood :
hey you. thought i would say hello. so you havent updated in a while. anything going on? or is life just moving to fast to keep up? i hope your night is fantastic. laural
from lauralgood :
helo again. I just wanted to let you know I am sending good thoughts your way and hope your depression lefts soon. try to keep smiling! laural
from lauralgood :
I just got your note. Surely you jest! My diary interesting enough to keep someone reading? Please. Though if you really think so I am flattered. I must say though that right now my life is so completely boring that you may soon find yourself wondering what the fuss was about. I would love some interesting stuff to happen so I could really make some great journal updates. I have been so consumed by not living life ie. bills, family, sickness, that I have not been able to live in the manner to which I like to do. Oh. you should be warned that I leave lengthy notes on a regular basis to those diarys I read just saying hello at times. So if I get annoying just tell me so. You have made me feel better today than I have in a while. Thank you. Off to read a new diary friend! (YOU) laural
from glennz-bitch :
hey, i came across ur diary and i was wondering if we could add eachother to our buddy lists. leave me a note!
from likedying :
hola. new zealand isnt that great really. people from other countries just seem to go 'oooooo pretty trees, oooooo pretty backgrounds for movies'. just trees and sheep. we have more sheep than people :). anyways, hope you got your sleep. :)
from chasingamy22 :
I LOVE your new template!! Conan is my idol. I've been trying to get that hang of this template thing.. I have a question or two. Alright I have this image that I want to be the entire background of my other diary and it won't do it. And also what part of the html changes your arrangment.. meaning your entry is on the right and the picture is on the left, and also your entry is narrow, mine isn't .. you have to scroll over to read it all. I hate that. I was just curious, if you could help I would love you forever. Thanks :)
from wolfgirl88 :
Well, see, you're not necessarily telling someone to be damned or blessed when you say "God damn you" or "God bless you"; I think the actual full phrase is: "May God bless you" or "May God damn you". >_< Whatever. Anyway, I think one can say whatever about whomever as long as it doesn't physically endanger someone else. Woo. ~WG~
from sweet-slayer :
hey-new reader person lol you sound tres cool! The whole music thing.Thanks for the note!I would do the same lol.
from wolfgirl88 :
I remember when the inner doorhandle came off of my old car. My parents and I laughed so hard, but we also knew it was time we got a new one. >_< XP
from banefulvenus :
hey, sorry about the gun point incident.... which banner held you up this time? was it the bunny, the farting man, or possibly the false ad.? ha ha Well thank you for stopping by my site. Your note was a pleasant surprise!!
from toosoongone :
yay, thanks for coming across my diary =] hehe and more so for leaving a note about it! take cares =D
from angelnight99 :
hey i think you looked me up on icq lol i think its kool you have me listed as one of your favorites thanks your the onley one
from killandra :
Hey, that looks like the sleepy time care bear I got for Christmas this year! Is it that one? Andrea- lover of care bears.
from name-less :
cheer up
from amy-on-edge :
Hey thanks for checking out my diary. We do seem to have a little in common. If you want more interesting non-boring posts, e-mail me at [email protected] and I will give you the address to my "private" diary. It's called that because my real life friends don't know about it. Anyway, take care...Amy
from chasingamy22 :
Hi, this is the chica that emailed you about your template... hopefully I will get it right!
from shortst101 :
Yeah for the new job! Congrats!
from dead-ophelia :
I just thought I'd leave a little note. Hello!
from nickslilsis :
hey! yes i'm glad to have you back online but i do miss you back here @ skate 309 and so do all my other friends who talk to you back here in north penn area! i'll ttyl chris! byes! *hug*
from killandra :
Dear C-M, I'm not exactly sure, but the feeling full after eating very little and not being hungry reminds me of the symptoms of pancreatitus, if you're stomach begins to swell like you're pregnant, and it becomes terribly painful, get to an ER for an ultrasound. A little worried.
from satansbaby :
Hey it's Karina.
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise!
from angstrom :
aww, thats so sweet :)
from angstrom :
aww, thats so sweet :)
from killandra :
Where did you take off to. We were having fun listening to Etheracide!
from miss-miami :
Am missing the story. Please give me something to do. We are having our first blizzard of the winter this afternoon and I am all by myself. I'll lose my mind if the electricity and therefore my computer goes.
from taintedlover :
why did you make your post anonymous? also-you like caroline's spine! You are so cool, i have much reading to do.
from holeyshoes :
aww.i read all of them.they are great.
from holeyshoes :
i read part 4. its very good. i havent read 3,2, or 1 though.but im sure they are good. although i dont know what the story is about heh well cept guy and a girl and concert tickets
from killandra :
I'm still online..but I don't think you can see me!!!!
from angstrom :
my thoughts & prayers are with u...
from killandra :
That was beautiful Christopher-Michael...geez I'm crying eyes out. It was worth waiting for.
from jenne1017 :
thanks for linking me!!! glad you like what you read. I have the novel in word, if that will help you out?!?! Let me know if you want me to send the entire file. Thanks again! :o)
from killandra :
I'm still online..where are you???
from mulletlady :
I only read your profile, I like Chasing Amy also. Check out Mall Rats, and Clerks-awesome movies by the same director. I also play a acoustic, 4th yr. check ou my diary if u have time i'd love to get your opinion.
from acousticgirl :
I think its only fair that I write a note for you too.. Thanks for the advice on HIM.. Do you ever have guitar lessons or do you teach yourself?how long have you been playing?
from killandra :
Being a child at heart is a good thing. signed Killandra who sleeps with a bunny and a great big teddy bear.
from killandra :
Dear Christopher-Michael, I miss you. While watching the meteors rain down in the sky tonight, I thought of you and how much I wanted to meet you. I hate that you're so far away.
from lil-arsonist :
I wasnt going to do this since this is my first day in the magical realm of diary land and i didnt want to get too far ahead of myself, but after much well thought out debating (classical Libran indecisiveness) i decided to send you a little message before i went to sleep. Your entry entitled a letter to my nonexsistant girlfriendwas simply beautiful and left me silently weeping into my hands. Thank you for making me cry today. I had kind of a rough day, what with being unable to throw up and with not wanting to result to hurting myself, and a good cry was what i needed. So thank you for that. ~Lovingly~
from doyousleep :
you know the song *am i wrong* by love spit love? that makes you... my new best friend :oD that is definitely a great song, as are a lot of their songs. that's on the angus soundtrack, with a lot of other great artists, too. that's just fabulous!
from hajnalvirag :
i just wanted to let you that i was further reading through your entries, i read the one you called "letter to my non-existent girlfriend". i had just about lost faith in most of the male sex today and reading that just reminded me that there are a lot of good people out there. let me tell you, if somebody ever gets that letter, they're a very lucky girl. keep on writing, and giving me faith. :0)
from hajnalvirag :
blueeyedboy...what a lovely name :0)
from doyousleep :
FAR is definitely a great band, *Mother Mary* being one of their best songs. And here I thought I was alone in the fandom! I like your diary! :o) Don't forget to come back to mine eventually!
from naturalfaith :
It's weird isn't it? There is so much to do yet boredom still looms around the corner. I guess it's something common with many people these days. It is indeed a strange thing. I'll leave it at that...for now.
from in-my-mind :
I love your diary... and I admire you. You probably don't realize how strong you are, but I could use a few lessons. ^.~ "Ya beautiful, don't change a THING!"
from killandra :
*smile* CFS can be very cyclical Christopher-Michael. My cycles used to be 2 months apart. They are now days and hours. *hugs* I hope you feel better soon. I hope you get the rest you require. I honestly don't know how you manage all that stuff you do without keeling over. I wasn't sure if I should email so I left a note here instead.
from killandra :
I forgot to say in email, and here. I hope you feel better soon!
from killandra :
Dear Blueeyedboy. Connie told me about you. You and I have a lot in common. You will understand upon reading my diary. I love your diary. The honesty, the caring, the kindness. I would love to hear from you.
from ordinarity :
Just wanted to say thanks for reading my diary and taking interest in it....yep
from hottamber72 :
Hey blueeyedboy! I just wanted to tell you that you have a lot of the same interests as me, especially Stephan King! Cya Baby! *MUAH* *~Amber~*
from kinkymeow :
hi, it*s ashes...hmm. do i know you? if i did, i would definitely make you a beaded braclet. ^_^...IM me. my sn is Bunnie966
from musicchick44 :
That part of Mallrats is totally my fave. Thanks for the note! :o)
from chaddsangel :
Hey, this is Sabrina. I havent talked to u in awhile. So give me a mes sometime
from shownah :
hey Christopher-poo! the song rocks.. i knew it would :) *hugs* later cutie, -Shiona
from girlzero :
Working on halloween sucks. I'm sorry about that!
from iwaswrong :
ohh! thank you. i know absolutely nothing about html and anything you could tell me at all would be helpful. thanks for the note!
from specialness :
thanx hun. *hugs* i hope that nothing gets worse, i just want it all to be gone and over. bla. thanx
from iona :
hey, why can't there be more guys like you? you sound like you'll make a great dad one day.
from mistressbuff :
Hey, i love your diary. I'm a girl who digs depressed guys! But then I am slightly weird... Any how, don't try and be sunny if you don't feel like it. It's better just to feel what you feel, then you can let it go. Take care.
from peachpiegirl :
hey. thanks. i hope the things on your mind work out for the best. write. lots. that way i'll know.

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