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from artfulodfe :
Hey whats up......I noticed you had Philip K Dick on your profile....just thought it was nice that you gave that poor scitzophrenic man some props......he was a problematic personality but he was a good writer.....My favorites are Time Out Of Joint and The Man In The High House....His books always have these paranoid characters, in these paranoid stories, running around in these altered realities......interesting stuff......Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? is a good one too.......the first Dick book that became a movie.....Bladerunner.......Well anyway.....I was a little bored for a second and noticed that.....just thought I would comment......hit me back sometime to chat if you want..... [email protected]
from might :
Now YOUR guestbook ate MY entry, plus you got your peanut butter in my chocolate! Please: always strange, but not estranged. As for the job, how could you know? You were there for months, and I was there for years, and it wasn't right, but it paid me enough to quit and take a few months off, and that has been awesome, so perhaps I should thank you for that. My tongue is furry from licking the dingo, and you should send me an e-mail at radical_grammarians At Yahoo dotcom. There is much to discuss, and as a member of the unemployed, I am a fantastic e-mail correspondent.
from othelladub :
kafka and philip dick. solid choices.
from invisibledon :
from bootygrrl :
hi me - how are we doing?

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