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from ixeatxmeat :
HOLY SHIT! HAPPY TREA FRIENDS! I saw a loong time ago that you put my diary on your favorites list or something. So i thought i'd stop by check it out again. And im glad you got your period!
from pygmilocks :
hey... now it's my turn for a shameless plug. checkout my new hairclip range on my diary and let me know what you think. thanks x.
from pygmilocks :
swankgear is fantasitic... i've checked it out before the only thing missing is a size chart. i have no idea what size i am in american sizes or how big the clothes are... i really like those plaid pants with the skull knee patches.
from brennass :
it would be WAAAAAAAAAAAAY cooler if it was sexual
from swankfuckin :
if you list something on ebay i might buy it. i thhiiiink we're the same size. i have an ebay addiction anyway, it'd be nice to know where the money was going. :) welcome back dear, now it's my turn to actually update.
from lucky-doll :
Ah! So glad to see you're updating again. I know what you mean about keeping tabs on people--I feel the same way. By the way, I love your new layout. So swank. Take care, girlie!
from kats :
I love your new design! Fan-tab. Tabs for me, I keep on you. I always thought Betty was my own kind of girl, but without Veronicas I wouldn't ever have had any friends. yer spy, k.
from lucky-doll :
Where are you? :/
from poisonsteak :
Thanks for the orchid tip, I'll check that out. Mine is still dying. The buds that were about to bloom have shriveled up. I am really sad that I killed it like I did. But anyway. The Poison Steak is actually a Red Aunts song. The first I ever heard. But I really dug your butcher bunny. And its true, guys will piss anywhere.
from cant-make-me :
hi, just found your diary and decided to say hi... i love your design! please take a look at my diary and maybe leave a note :o) i hate hot topic with a passion!
from jet-girl- :
fucking hot topic, they ruin everything.
from jet-girl- :
i checked out your diary before i joined your ring, and i love it! the layout and such is so rad.
from borntokill :
test test test

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