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from eustilly :
Re: 2-20-05-- Wha...?
from brer-rappit :
so much fun i had to return over and over again. your one of my personal favorites.
from creepatron :
Okay, I'm really tired and I have to pee really bad, so technically I haven't read any of your entries. But you link to PVP and Andrew Sullivan, so I know you must be a-okay! Keep on rockin!
from kb8 :
Hi! Will you take my survey?
from burninglilac :
I wanna know how you do that... find out what leads to your site! I'm all cruious and stuff. Dirty girl and your knowledge of html... *grr* ANd I'll know about the driving thing in about a week...
from burninglilac :
Why the hell are you going to Maryland for my birthday? I'm not gonna be in Maryland, silly. You're such a confused little monkey... *pets your hair*
from bunnymonkey :
if only the dels toured the good ol' us of a. stupid record labels!
from eustilly :
That's why I love the Dels! They fit into any budget! $9.95 with FREE S&H through CD WOW (no, not "now," "wow"!) It's the Brit's version of CdNow, I think.
from bunnymonkey :
yes, draw your little picture (heh) and I'll give it a shot. no promises, though, because I am not web-studly. but I will try, in my own "special," short-bus way.
from burninglilac :
I would SO love some help with tables! How about I just draw a picture of what I want and you can make it for me? Eh. I thought not. *L* Hey, it was worth a try! *mwah*
from burninglilac :
Okay, so I didn't come through. But it's not my fault! They showed Dirty Dancing, followed by The American President, followed by the season premere of the Sopranos! Ack! How could I possibly be expected to do anything other than watch television? Exactly. I knew you would understand. SO, yeah, I'll try and call you tomorrow night. No, really, I mean it this time. Word.
from xwildhorsesx :
hehe. reminds me of an episode of 'sorority girls' on mtv with alittle more spunk. your added to my list of chuckles. -sam
from bunnymonkey :
oh, pudding, you know I can't stay serious for long. did I mention I went out last night and got toasty drunk? well I did. see? no more serious!
from burninglilac :
Heyla honey... I'm gonna call you sometime this weekend, I swear it. No, really, I promise I'll actually come through this time. Really! Stop looking at me like that! Okay, love pointed at you, oh, and stop being serious. You're a silly monkey when you're serious. *mwah*

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