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from wittlewetard :
On good ole Valentine's Day, a big white box appeared in my p.o. box. Inside was the greatest thing anyone had ever sent to me via the USPS- a pink and red mack daddy/pimp jacket. Lynn, you officially own me. xoxoxo, and pictures coming ASAP. Sara
from goeshawaiian :
I'd like to be a eunuch simply because I'm tired of being controled by my testicle. I don't know if I have a particularly weak resolve, strong sex drive, or otherwise, but I feel almost helpless to my hormones' will, and I'm past when I should feel that way. I am a slave to my impulses, and that's a dangerous and unsatisfying place to be. Hopefully getting rid of the source of the hormones would get rid of the problem. I haven't done much research into the subject, but I'd welcome a release. If I'm way off base, I'd appreciate an education.
from daymare :
i think the picture is neat and the script in it seems so true. thanks for the note
from enduser :
Looking at the weather map for the country it seems lile Perth is one of the hotter capital cities, it can't compete with Northern Australia in terms of heat but it more than holds it own against the other population centers in this country.
from enduser :
I don't have it at home so each time I walk into the office it is always new and some what exciting. The ability to contol the climate and to set it so that it is drastically different to the world outside. Hopefully they will pass, the world needs all of the Milkmen it can get.
from enduser :
I can't actually remember the last time some one asked me that question so you would think I would have a much better answer for it now. But my day was good, there is something about sitting in air conditoned office all day that is rewarding.
from endless-void :
hey sure i would love to talk with you, my e-mail is [email protected] drop a line i have a few things i would ask
from blots :
i am more whiny than thoughtful. i don't know what i mean. i have always wanted to know a mailman.
from wittlewetard :
Not only would I be game, but I would be running around my room right now doing jumping jacks at the thought of having a pink pimp coat. !! The exclamation points denote my excitedness.
from spritopias :
I'm sorry, I have a bad case of down syndrome. sometimes I have trouble.
from spritopias :
what do you mean by, 'dimmer'
from wittlewetard :
Oh my God, my jaw just dropped in sheer jealousy and awe of your mack daddy coat...! You have made my week. Thank you.
from wittlewetard :
Thanks for both notes- and this Harry Potter look has been 4 months in the making. Payoffs are great, ahaha!
from biggestlie :
Thanks for the note, I added you to my buddy list because your diary is rather hilarious.
from chocorange :
thank you for the birthday note xx
from wittlewetard :
Gracias. I plan on flexing my bitch-power muscle as often as humanly possible. God bless youth and stupidity. ^_^
from sad-disease :
Awww, thank you. I just burnt my baby finger on a pie crust, so I can't type anything too clever.
from opiuminjars :
What unemployed didn't tell you, was that *I* was there, too, laughing. But I actually did implode. It's been a slow, painful process of re-expansion ever since. Thanks a lot.
from unemployed :
you are the funniest person ever. my lord. i especially love your post on the jesus arm. i nearly imploded from laughing so hard.
from asteroidbelt :
yer site is great! this is so awesome.

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