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from ingerrr :
so, um, sorry to bother you but everything just occured to me just now and i have to tell you to find and watch the movie FUBAR. I know that i don't even know you or anything, but this is really important and true.
from lostenboston :
i happened up on your "i like funny laides entry from 2000(dont ask me how lol) and you lub ron perlman! yay you. i said i just HAD to leave you a note based on this fact. im gonna try to read the rest of your diary after i get over finding another human being that likes him besides me
from scienceclass :
hey I am ingerr's younger sister and read your diary and I, too like the Gossip. Do I know you?
from kiorama :
BUTTSAL! Still my favorite 4-eva. If you're ever in NYC: (1)come to Toys in Babeland & I will give you free things (2)come see my amazing all bodies-celebrating, queer-friendly burlesque troupe the Red Hots. Bye Kiley
from crapstein :
you might just be the coolest ever.
from flann :
hey, you're back. cool.
from ingerrr :
me thinks you and I are long lost sister/twin/cousins. Is that you Krystal?
from keepthinking :
i tried to read "thin skin" a few weeks ago but i couldn't get into it. seemed more serious and depressing than "namedropper." i'll probably give it another try, though.
from flann :
miss reading you. sorry re buffy (2/26/03).
from bignose :
I liked Samantha Morton in Jane Eyre and Tom Jones (based on the 1700's novel, not the singer)from A&E. Check 'em out.
from schoolie :
in a fight between the face and the voice, who would win?

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