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from f-i-n :
hihihihi....keep up the good work
from breaanna :
Thanks for the good advice. Deciding to keep your baby is a very hard descision to make. I must admit. Being 17, there is college next year and I just didn't want to handle the child so I thought it would be easier to adopt it. But I have a very loving and supportive family and boyfriend. Me and him have been together for a year on jan. 5th. He is 21 and will be graduated with his automotive degree from Western Michigan University in June. He has been working for General Motors by working on cars that haven't even come out yet testing them for $21 an hour. Starting July (conviently when the baby is due) His uncle is the president of GM in Flint, MI and has given him a job for designing engine parts for future gm vehicles, starting at $34 an hour and going steadily up. I know it's half luck that he has family working and coordinating one of his dream jobs to get him in, but he also graduated with a 3.9 from a good university. I will be graduating this year from high school with a 3.6, I've been keeping up really good with my grades, even with morning sickness and all that. The reason most people don't keep their child is of financial reasons. I have been blessed and so has my boyfriend with being born in wealthy families. My parents really want me to keep their grandchild. They have offered if I keep the child that they will pay whatever bills or anything that baby needs. They have even bought me a brand new car for the winter 'because they want their grandchild to be safe.' I know, I know what you are probably thinking. I'm a little rich brat. Not really. I think I will be a very good Mom and am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. My parents are their with their provisions in my life for a reason. I'm really mature for my age. Even though, my boyfriend is going to be making enough for me to be a housewife and has told me he perfers me to be, which is going to be my occupation. Nothing is greater than raising my child to me. I will attend classes at night when he is home and on-line during the day. Much to my parents dismal, I will only be taking a local community college for the first two years, than moving on to a university because I don't feel that it is right for them to pay so much when they are already basically paying for the baby. I am going to college for lower elementary teaching because if something ever happend with my boyfriend and me. Or if he got in a car accident or died. You just never know when your time here is up. I want to make enough money to support me and the kid if I have to. Without having to relie on Mommy and Daddy for the rest of my life. I'm a grown-up now. I want to be somewhat dependant from my family. I have a big heart. I know I will be a great Mom. I raised myself and my little sister as a result of my parents both have high-paying high demand jobs, they couldn't be home a lot during my child hood. With relocating here, we had no family so when I was 6 and my sister born I would watch her everyday after school so my Mom could go in and work nights. It was sad for me as a child. I never thought my parents loved. All the toys I had. They would get me anything, in their minds getting me nice things would always make up for why I didn't see them a lot. And it never did. No, I am not ungrateful and I respect my parents much, but all I wanted more than anything was just for them to be with me for a day. Take me somewhere or just sit at home and play with me. I missed out on a lot in childhood. Something that my child will never miss. With my boyfriend's job and both of our parents financially supporting and wanting to this child, I will be able to stay home and be a full-time mother. Something that when my kid is my age, can look back and see much I loved them. There should never be a moment in their life (i'm expecting twin daughters by the way of the ultrasound) when they can say that they felt unloved in their childhood by their Mom. I'm giving up cheerleading at Minnesota State. I got a full-ride scholarship if I cheered there. I'm giving up some of my dreams, because of them. And I will never regret keeping them. I'm giving up my 'wild tweenties' to grow up early and act more like i'm in my 30's to give them a Mom. You only have one chance to raise your kids right, and that is what I fully expect to do. I am not the average teenage statistic of pregancy. I can't obtain state-aid because of my parents salaries and my boyfriends. I do get some grants for college which is nice ( I like to help out my parents, even though they can very much afford it, because it feels like I'm doing something instead of nothing) because of me being a teenage single mom, regardless of surrounding income. I appreciate that. But I love kids. They have always been my life. I knew in kindegarten that I wanted to be a teacher for children my age then. I just loved little kids and I still do. And not just little kids, but older kids. I baby-sit my town's judge's kids and they are both almost children and I love them to death. Everything I have done all my life has been my best effort. This will be the same. I am a perfectionist. I may fail from time to time, but my daughters are going to get the best possible Mom that she can be.
from thecrankyone :
AMEN!! Sistah
from angelbutt :
I'm just incredibly sad about Mr. Rogers! We've all lost a lovely neighbor!
from angryquail :
I just read your American Idol rant and I've got to say: right on! There wasn't a thing you said that I don't agree with. You go, girl!
from intheory27 :
Welcome to the English major d*ring. :) It's lovely to have you!
from cynicalwoman :
I'm not sure if the previous attempt worked; if not, merely a comment that you can probably hear me muttering away, too. =)
from machogirl7 :
Hi, thanks for joining the jennifer diaryring!
from sometoast :
Ohhh, for lazy old bags like me. Yay!
from evilena :
I wish the Target here wasn't half an hour away. Sigh.
from angryquail :
Actually, for Christmas my mom bought me Bellwether (which I already own), and then told me she just has a new book out! It has something to do with dreams (although not Lincoln's Dreams.) Thanks for letting me know about the rings!
from angryquail :
a) I run the alphabetize list and I was wondering if you have your rings up, b) I love Connie Willis AND Diana Wynne Jones! *happy sigh*
from testify :
AHHH! Get the squeegee! Quick!
from wateryone :
It's a wonderful title for a book! *traipses off to amazon*
from wateryone :
Does your Laurie King quote refer to New Zealand? It sure sounds like here.

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