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from stepfordtart :
FB is evil. Pouring ones heart out here, in this relatively dusty and quiet corner of the internet, is way safer and more satisfying. And some people here have been here from years and still click on random diaries they havent read before and feel empathy for strangers. Even if it is 2am here and I should probably be sleeping. Why Im up and dicking about on d'land instead is probably a matter for my own outpouring. Yeh, maybe I'll do that tomorrow. or maybe I wont. s x
from cordeliameg :
from cordeliameg :
I don't want to trigger you. Keep writing please. It means so much to see your name highlighted as updated on my buddy list. -hugs- <3
from cordeliameg :
You're beautiful. We're all flawed. -hugs-
from cordeliameg :
Yay, you're writing here! Missed you. <3
from pischina :
Jeezus Christ Lanie don't talk like that! Here you are making me cuss at you and wanting to fill this note with the F-word because you have to go saying stupid stuff like that. I will be so freakin mad if something happens to you. You do what you have to do ( and do something, for gosh sakes, you don't want a forever-period) but you stay well while you do it. I AM so happy to see you've lost 11 pounds. At the rate you're going down and the rate I'm going the opposite direction we should meet up in numbers in about 2 weeks. ...but then my competitive spirit will kick in and I'll HAVE to diet and exercize, so that will be good! hahaha.... Lanie I'm serious, I love you and want you healthy and with NOTHING GOING WRONG WITH YOU. So STAY WELL.
from shinydiamond :
I had no idea we were that close together. I would've tried to arrange a meet-up! I'm back in dreary, muggy Kansas City now. I miss the ocean. Sorry about the camera.
from mentalblank :
Sure, leave me a message in my guestbook and then let me find out you're all locked up! Wah!!!
from akira :
Well bloodyhell woman. I can't get in to read a single fucking thing you write anymore! What are you tryin to keep ol'friends outta your life now!! Love would you please please please send me the password and such so that I may read??? [email protected] )O( Ave Akira

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