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from mortinsalt : is the name of the game here did what?! holy hell. danny boy and hannah rose, engaged? rock on my fine feathered friend, rock on. i'm going home to a beautiful young woman as well. her name is Naj(nastasja) Ocasio. she's 18, just graduated from high school(i know, i know, i'm robbing the cradle, but who cares? she kicks ass) anyway man, i'm going the hell to bed. i need sleep. i will talk to you later dude. peace.
from mortinsalt :
yo yo yo, danny boy, what's going on? how's everything going? japan still sucks, but i am finally going home for a few weeks. write back, e-mail me, whatever. tell me what's going on. talk to you later danny.
from warmvanilla :
your profile made me laugh, and you use Nazi, which is cool. I thought I would justleave you a message. ~Shell
from al-seedus :
oopsies... i meant "mortinsalt"
from al-seedus :
hag.. ive been asking for your mailing address for a long time.. and you gave it to erin the first time she asks for it? lol. turkey!! well, ive got it now. mmmhmmm. call me when your phones up again. also, who is your friend at "mortonsalt" boobs. wooooo. lol. write me back.
from mortinsalt :
i fit iron dick = frickin idiot what's up dude? how are things, e-mail me peace
from sellekta :
fella, your stupid if you close up, bad buisness, hm.,
from littlehobbit :
Hey Dan, I've been without email for quite some time now. Send me your mailing address sometime this week and I'll drop you a line from Jolly Ol' England. Take care...
from littlehobbit :
Hey Dan, thanx for the note. Sorry to hear you're leaving CA though. I should be around when you are, so we'll have to get together. Yeah. Take care of your bad self.
from littlehobbit :
Thanx Dan, potatoes are good...
from sellekta :
good effort govnor good effort
from mortinsalt :
lick lick lick, shtumpy lump, huggy huggy robin, drunk!!! music slow, people loud, craziness, too many damn people.
from mortinsalt :
i fit iron dick = frickin idiot my e-mail is suck on pig nuts you donut munching bitch chunka chunka burnin' love
from wakeupyou :
Thanky for the note.. and you seem to have some cool interests listed too. DK and Chomsky.. :D Indeed indeed.
from ritathevixen :
Thanks for the note, I dont update this anymore, instead I spend time doing, well...other things that I thought were more important but for some reason cannot recall...glad to see a fellow crass AND CONFLICT fan...Viddy Well Malchick...Rita(lin)

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