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from babyhead :
Whoa! What a goddamn surprise.
from dharmabum :
congrats!! how exciting!!
from myra-lee :
Yaaaaay! Congratulations!!!
from sundaygirl :
happy anniversary!! ours is coming up as well! It's already been a year?!! WOW!
from might :
Message resent to both addresses. Roger, wilco, over and out.
from dharmabum :
whoops, that should've been IF virginia GOES for the dems. i think we won't know for a few weeks, alas ...
from zuzus-petals :
Firstly, I LOVE the photo booth at the wedding. How did you do that? Was it a person with a digital camera? The lighting is just perfect... do tell. Secondly, the lake is in Marin County (or the "North Bay" - a short jog north of the Golden Gate Bridge.) That particular lake is Bon Tempe, part of the Marin Municipal Water District (which means steep fines for swimming, etc. bugger.) Any time you're in the area, I'm happy to take you on a fabulous hike up there. Congrats.. how's married life? - -Zuzu
from ska-t :
happy for you both.
from mrs-roboto :
from myra-lee :
Pumpkin fucker. Hee hee.
from ska-t :
thanks for reminding me why i need to watch jon stewart! beware anyone who wears a bow tie.
from ska-t :
breathing room! rejoice!
from myra-lee :
Thank you! Mwah! By the way, I'm trying to train for a half marathon in October, so I am definitely feelin' the water metaphor!
from myra-lee :
The ceramic smoking baby sounds oh-so wrong and beautiful, indeed! My friend and I have contests to see who can give the other a more disturbing/wrong and beautiful gift every b-day and holiday. Now I'm going to poke around online to try to track down a ceramic smoking baby!
from irishblueyes :
Well even if that translation isn't perfect, it sounds pretty nice to me! I'll let everybody know when he actually tells me. Thanks. - Kris
from myra-lee :
That is so, so cool that you're volunteering at 826Valencia. I'm a big fan of Dave Eggers/McSweeny's/The Believer/etc. Your description of the people there is exactly how I imagine 826 folks being. It warmed my hear to read that.
from thatmarygirl :
totally!! books + mail = love. also, one of my best friends is having a book published by scholastic. rock!
from frances1972 :
Hey. This is Frances. I've had "Caterwaul" written on a little slip of paper for months, been meaning to add you as a favorite. I can't remember how I came across you -- maybe Bathsheba or Hulamoons? But I do like Caterwaul and yer fotolog. Hotdog. This is from Frances.
from ska-t :
i agree... the look is edgy and alluring, all at once. dag... that free concert is gonna kick butt. Steve Earle and Jamie Dale Gilmore are pretty remarkable, too.
from mrs-roboto :
I think all those pics ahould be whole again. Your toys are nice and creepy too. oh and on the hair thing - I love the short red spikey look. I may steal that look.
from ska-t :
cheeky... but i prefer the boxers.
from thatmarygirl :
nobody, but nobody can eat 50 eggs! :) p.s. i just finished "geek love" - so, so good.
from ska-t :
your musical tastes astound me... in a good way.
from thatmarygirl :
being seduced by barry manilow's piano. :)
from thatmarygirl :
oh yes. it happens to everybody at least once. i have to believe that.
from ickypop :
because maybe. you're going to be the one that saves me. and after all. you're my caterwaul.
from shamsi9 :
yeah. i was just talking about this with my dad. i am always shocked when people don't express their love for me in weird ways i can't understand. friendship to me is; what's mine is yours, anything you need that i have, anything i can do...others often do not reciprocate.

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