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from and-darling :
I was snooping. It was more or less due to the fact your username was bolded and that's what typically jumps out at someone. You're very pretty when you smile, and I think it's a better suited look (I was looking at your pictures). Uhm... Yeah. Life is strange sometimes.
from annanotbob :
Just clicked on your name - I so know where you're coming from. Are you getting help? I hope so. It will pass, but only if you reach out for help. Meanwhile, big hugs from Depressed of UK x
from neeeeek :
Oh, sorry to hear that. Maybe all you need is a bit food, sleep and sports? usually works for me when I'm depressive just like calling buddies for a beer. You can do it, never give yourself up. Step by step things will turn out well. Take it easy
from amazinfuckup :
Jeez, ouch. You sure did miss the mark on not trying to be bitchy. Was just trying to help.
from ohmegah :
when you see the name "ohmegah" whats the first thing that comes to your mind?
from jascat :
i know what you mean. i have been away so long cuz i didn't have anything to write here and i figured no1 cared cuz seemed like noone was reading when i was posting. so i decided maybe if i read some diarys and find some great ones for my favorites list/buddy list then maybe ppl will warm up to me. u can check mine out. not sure how interesting it is.
from youdontknome :
So I clicked on your banner and I'm a little bit in love with your diary. Please know that you're not alone, I definetly relate to much of what you say. Let me know if you want to read my diary or talk or anything. Feel better!
from grt8f84me :
Clicked on your banner...Just wanted to let you know that I'll be nosying around. I, too, love and over use ellipses.....
from ufasn8me :
i do enjoy your journal. :)
from f-i-n :
i liked reading it
from pinkpastry :
Hi! One of my friends told me I should check out your diary so here I am! By the way I think your a hottie =0p
from sassers :
Yay for you and Exploding Dog.
from caela :
holy heck, i wonder how long it's been since you left me that note with your password? i don't look at my notes that often, and i must have missed the email that said i had a new note. i took you off my faves list 'cause i thought i couldn't read anymore...and now that i've figured out what's going on, you're unlocked anyway. hehehe. silly me.
from caela :'re all locked up and i don't have a password. i emailed you. if you want to give me one, email me at [email protected]. thanks! i miss reading!
from indigo-love :
i'm a travel agent too. yah for us. michelle malone is constantly asking me for advice, bookings, etc. she's my "big celeb" client. hahah...
from tinkabitch :
i was in san francisco with a special lady friend of mine on this last thursday and friday and i thought of you.. mainly because she wanted me to get on bart and i didnt want to... and somehow i have this connection between bart and you. odd, but true.
from chazzyd :
thanks for the smiley. It cheered me up. I'm having a bad day... Lots of Love, Chazzy
from chazzyd :
im lovin' ur diary. I say go u! lol. gd luck wit the dyke march! All my love, ChazzyD xXx
from banefulvenus :
Wow, love the banner, love the site! You're damn amazin' sistah! :)
from icedmilk :
your review is up. sorry for the wait. -kelsey
from jfsuperstar :
very nice list too! i could identify with more than several things on the list. i'm gonna add my 9 more things right now. i'm feeling a little outta sorts, the cafe is down, dang! glad you liked my 'kiss my ass hallmark' piece. i ended up turining out okay, didn't i?
from jfsuperstar :
i've heard a variation of that joke before. liked your version better!
from haregirl :
Like your diary!
from jfsuperstar :
what do you go to michigan for, the festival? i was born and raised there. i went to the fest from 95-99, but quit going.
from jfsuperstar :
sorry to be bugging you so much, but i really liked that last entry. i like king of the hill, especially that episode! you rock!
from jfsuperstar :
have you ever thought of doing stand up? your musings are the sunny part of my day-(i work in a basement).
from jfsuperstar :
oh girl, i LOVED that entry. in my moronic dieting days when i weighed 119, i had a butt chin. LOVED that you included the 'family guy'! very nice comedic relief. i needed that.
from tinkabitch :
who is this woman? can i still come hang out with you and go to pride with you this summer or are you going to be too busy getting it on? ps. i just met this girl who is amazing.. and we kissed.. and thats amazing. and i am leaving in 9 days and that sucks balls. grr..
from jfsuperstar :
congrats! i ***love*** first kisses!
from jfsuperstar :
i totally get your post on may 31st. my dad went to vietnam right after he graduated. he signed up for jeep maintennance because he knew he was going to get drafted. both he and my uncle went-(the uncle fought). they are both mentally fucked up for life, and have never been properly compensated or taken care of since their return. i don't even know anything about my dad, except for the fact that he is a drunk and learned to use a majority of drugs while he was over there. this time your entry got me all riled up! another thing--i don't understand the hypocrisy of honoring certain veterans and ignoring others. i would love to hear about your insights regarding this. have you read the works of michael moore or listened to any spoken word by jello biafra? they have some interesting things to say about war in general, and this specific one. i can't wait for michael moore's new movie to come out: "rescue 9/11". later! -jen
from tinkabitch :
there will never be words for how much you make me smile.. thanks for always leaving happy uppity notes for me in my guestbook! i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i can figure out transportation to get to pride this summer so we can hang out! ps. i am crazy.
from jfsuperstar :
nice poem. keep the writing flowing. hope things are looking up for ya.
from madam-rose :
ty for the comment. yes that was very wise indeed.
from vtbookgrrl :
have you ever been here? i think you'll love it :)
from madam-rose :
penguin...hmmm oky doky then go you! great site btw
from vtbookgrrl :
a penguin, huh?
from nopropaganda :
just checked out your journal via a banner ad - thought to myself, oh good, it's not just my mother. mind if i 'favoritize' you?
from mulher :
What kind of goodies can girl take off your hands???
from chnacat :

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