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from pink-circle :
{Circle Invite}: Hello. I'm speaking on the behalf of "the circle," a writers group. This is an invite to our group. I have noticed your displayed interest in writing &/or poetry. We are doing a reform, to re-form and rebuild our group. Please visit the website, and if you are interested, leave a note to this account. Thank you for your time. -Circle Council
from soandsotgs :
hi, i found this site and got a kick otu of it.... being a member of the "rap rulez" diaryring, i thought you might enjoy it like i did... message me back and tell me what you think
from elliorange :
I was asked to join thespark ring, and... so I did, but I had some questions. You seem like such a nice person, and I was wondering if you could explain to me what thespark is about. I've been looking all over the diary and reading people's diaries, too, but I still don't get the idea of it. Could you explain maybe via notes or an email to [email protected]? If so, thank you so much!
from lilchrissi :
Hey sweeetie.. I saw your request and I will be doing your review soon. Okay? Thanks for understanding. :hugs:
from ljungberg8 :
hey dude, your diary is sweet
from ricebowl :
Uh, hi. You may already be aware of this, but there is at least one locked diary in your ring, which all of my friends & i are in! =)...and it kind of messes up "the flow". is there anything you can do about that? in any case, i like your diary & your cool diaryring for us fat bitches!!!
from barenaked500 :
Awww, I love your wild things banner! What a great book. :)
from crosover :
I feel for you. Hang in there. Love your layout, btw.
from leeners :
I found your diary by your "and now for something completely different" banner! Monty Python Rocks!
from qwert :
right on! down with college degrees!
from ricebowl :
um...just wondering if you have witnessed any fat-chick loving dudes here in diaryland...let me know,'k?
from cuntgirl :
you have my new favorite layout, just so you know
from potireviews :
Are you stin interested in a review? If you are please send an email to [email protected]. Thanks!
from ravenheart :
I'm glad you liked the book :) -Enjoy the holidays!
from kittyspit :
Very beautifuL!!!!!!
from sad82girl02 :
ilove ur diary. do u have a notify list? and why haven't uwritten since July? do u have another diary? if so, can i get a peek? okay! love ur diary!
from poeticdiary :
is there a way for me to get informed everytime the new writingprompt is up? thanks!
from bipolargirl :
thank you SO MUCH for 'steal this book.' that was so kind of you. i'm looking at your list now. great diary, too. we have a lot in common. PEACE, SISTER!!!!
from chikbeatnik :
i love the new banner. rather brilliant if you ask me. but you didn't... so i'm throwing in my two cents anyhow. bah. -xoxo- kristen
from jennypenny81 :
hey. my name is jenny. i just wanted to say hi and that i absolutely adore your journal. if the poetry wasn't enough to get me then the poohs surely ensnared me. i'm a sucker for winnie. anyhow. bye for now.
from dana-elayne :
Yeah, I'm a big ol' dork. I kept wondering why you hadn't updated. DUH! Stupid diaryland lost three or four of my journals that I read every day and SURE were gone. Man was I peeved! :) Now, though you're back.
from smileyreview :
Hi! Your smiley review is up at Thought you'd like to know!
from foolishlies :
Just wanted to let you know that your Monty Python banner kicks so much butt its not even funny.
from rain-n-tears :
No I have not gotten the dreds yet. I have to wait 4-6 months because I used a relaxer on my hair and I have to wait for natural growth to settle in. I love pooh! :)---peace
from verismili2de :
hey chriistyl, i just read your disry for today and can i say... wow... i dont know what it is about it but, its interesting to hear your views... bytheway, i totallyu agree on the bonding thing... it would be cool. peace, verismili2de
from devian :
wow. you are going on my favorites list because you're bold, honest and so right on with what you say and think.
from devian :
love your site--hate racists. it's totally true that the minute someone says how not racist they are, they start to prove how racist they truly are. sad. pathetic. reality. pooh is cute. i like eore (sp?) because he's a big downer.
from not-it :
i love your diary, and i love pot. :o)
from elateddream :
Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in adding me to your favourites. And I would add you to mine, you can email me ([email protected]) if you're interested. Love the diary :) Katie
from smellyfinger :
You get the ankles and I'll get the wrists.
from souldoubtnow :
of course i care about your political viewpoints, i clicked on two of your banners, one was some call 555 something, and this one...and then i come here and it's this winnie the pooh layout and i'm like, "did i click the wrong link?" confusing...but i read your diary anyhow since i have no life.
from dana-elayne :
I agree with you about the models. I have high school students who are afraid to gain an ounce. They're afraid to eat. They're afraid to be themselves. I want to shake them and say, "hon, please don't think you'll be able to wear a size zero your whole life because your body is going to revolt at some time." I wish there was a way to send them a message that says that you're NOT you're pants size.
from gothchicknik :
Hey. I'm not really into Winnie The Pooh, but your diary is interesting to read. You have some cool opinions on things : ) You're welcome to read my diary if you wanna, but I'll warn you in advance: it's kinda boring and the older entries page is fucked up. Enjoy!
from frostedpetal :
Wow, this is such an adorable diary ^o^ I love it...and it has so many stuff on it to do too ^O^ Hehehe....^_~ Great job, I love Pooh as well ^_^
from devilish- :
it woke up most normal people to the tragedies of the rest of the world, bigots will always be blinded by ignorance.
from barenaked500 :
Hey there! I just stumbled across your diary and wanted to say hi to a fellow Long hi! ;o)
from giltydesigns :
Yo sItE Iz bOmMiDiE i lOvE []V[]E sO[]v[]3 P00H!!!! h3 I5 ju5t 5o cut3!!!! i 10V3 []v[]3 50[]V[]3 t1663r T00!!! HoLl@ fR0NT
from peach-review :
I'm real sorry. My reviewers must have forgotten to notify you when your review was done. Here's the address to your review. Thanks for requesting a review from us and on behalf of my reviewers, I apologise.
from smileyreview :
thank you so much for making the adorable little button. it was so kind and generous of you. PS. your Winnie The Pooh layout is too adorable for words!! Thanks again! I'll put it on our links page once I get time out of my ridiculously hectic schedule. - emily from Smiley Review -
from dana-elayne :
Your design is simply too cute! I adore Pooh.
from psallmylove :
the flyin' bees are too freaking cute
from mousepoet :
sept 23 or there abouts. my gut says sooner though...
from angelbunny1 :
from one diary addict to another...isnt it great?
from poppyfish :
Of course I'll keep writing in college! How else could everyone follow my exciting adventures with art class and roommates? And I'm going off to a state college in the US. But I'm paranoid, so I don't say WHICH state. Just that (sadly) it's not New York. Damn.
from poppyfish :
Of course I'll keep writing in college! How else could everyone follow my exciting adventures with art class and roommates? And I'm going off to a state college in the US. But I'm paranoid, so I don't say WHICH state. Just that (sadly) it's not New York. Damn.
from sood :
(The pregnant half moon/rides low in the velvet/blue-black night sky/smooth and devoid/of the interruption of starlight.) I love these words. i can't say i'm fond of the color pink, but for the words in your diary i will fight through it :) you have a beautiful style
from fishy-review :
Your diary has been reviewed :) Thanks for submitting!
from boredone :
Hey! I just opened up a new review site at (There's a link to it from my diary). I was wondering if you'd like to submit your diary or list it with all the other diaries on your site. Thanks!
from fishy-review :
Hey! This is a new review site, so if you can plz tell others abt it, or submit ur own diary :) Thanks from Dee~
from indie-review :
hey hey! your review is posted, finally! sorry for the delay!
from plainsimple :
Your plain & simple review is posted...congrats!
from freakythangs :
WeLL thanxz 4 signin my guest book im feelin DMx B2K Ja rule Swizz Beats, Lil Jon and the east side Boys ...And Project pat... THat Down south Shit....I hope we could be good friends i didnt even know that Any one on here EVEN LIKES RAP i thought they were all in to ROCK i like rock no doubt but not that much.. holla FRONT
from dana-elayne :
Oh my gosh, love the Hello Kitty theme! Love it. Are you addicted to Hello Kitty or do you just like her for your page? I've added you to the Top 100 :)
from lostarm :
HI thanks for joining my diary ring cats I have a big orange tabby cat and her name is angel you have a vary nice diary.
from lady4eyes :
Hi, and welcome to the Boondocks diaryring! Cute layout.
from aureate :
Hey, thanks for checking out my diary. Yours is great! I really like the whole *hello kitty* theme. The *Writing prompts* section is a brilliant idea. I'm definitely going to add you to my favs, too.
from txdaisy :
I came by to thank you for joining the "an 80's child" ring. I have read the last few entries and I am going to keep coming back:-)
from grlsctcookie :
hey chriistyl, thanks for becoming a member of the snoopy diaryring. very nice diary btw. cookie :)
from bop-reviews :
Hi there. Just leaving you a note, so you know that your bop-review is up!
from diaryreviews :
hi, davo from diaryreviews here. just dropping u a note to let you know that your review is up. congrats, and keep up the good work you've started!
from yourforever :
thanks for signing. lovely writings you have yourself *i made poetgirl diary ring so hearing that you found me there makes me warm inside and all that :)* ill be reading-sam

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