my thoughts...i'm whinning again aren't i

i'm only here (in a general term) to try and do a little good.

i'm a mess, its true.

but that doesn't mean i can't help, right?

((sighs, shakes head looking down))

i'm a mess.

My favorite diaries:

to-zhenya profile - diary
comments: love him...what a struggle.
letter2micah profile - diary
comments: frustraion.
inmyheart profile - diary
comments: silly girl, i love you.
ndslotesse profile - diary
comments: a sad young lady...confused. hey lets start a club!
not-for-you profile - diary
comments: i feel you.
quickvick420 profile - diary
comments: i love her. 16 is so sweet.
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: ya we do. but if we all read this diary we'd get better
ciulionn profile - diary
comments: beautiful, you say it so i don't have to
iwas profile - diary
comments: she has a sister named stacey too
jcruelty profile - diary
comments: lets hear it for the bay! oh, wait...i hate it here.
homeogenic profile - diary
comments: what an artist.
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: ok, i need a unicorn and 666 tabs of acid RIGHT NOW! marry me?
invisibledon profile - diary
comments: where'd he go? i can't see him?
porktornado profile - diary
comments: this guy is a riot! i love his inner dialoge...i'm afraid to say anthing else as he might make fun of me in his next enrty.
girl101 profile - diary
comments: she is pretty cute.
satchmo3 profile - diary
comments: i'ma scared a him...but i like it...i lika ala. p.s. does Mr. satchmo want to help further the inevitible? i WILL marry danzilla...
i-h8-boys profile - diary
comments: mee too
mr-sparkles profile - diary
comments: yeahy! boooyyeeee!
pinki7x7 profile - diary
comments: took too long to put her on my buddy list. sorry kristine!
breaux profile - diary
comments: yeahy presley!
vyv-xx profile - diary
comments: firey lil bitch isn't she...rawk!

My favorite music:

comments: they are cool dudes. i miss them.
comments: any real fan thinks that rivers is an asshole.
saves the day
comments: feels like thier singing from y heart sometimes
micheal jackson
comments: dude, hes an artist, rock it ol skoo micheal!
comments: east coast never sounded so good.

My favorite movies:

never ending story
comments: i always wanted to jump in the books i've read.
comments: c'mon, tom cruz, unicorns, awesome bad guys...!?!
comments: noticed and 'mythical' theme? i'm a geek. plus, muppets ROCK!
American HYistory X
comments: i thought about it, and its not a movie i'd wanna see a hundred times, but it disturbed me in a way i feel good about.
Runn Lola Run
comments: What Dreams May Come, Amelie, and every horror movie my mom ever made me watch as a small child. i <3 scarey movies.

My favorite authors:

Green day
comments: my first concert ever!
Guns and Roses
comments: if you don't think they are gods, your not my friend.
comments: i can't get 'em outta mah head!
Depeche Mode
comments: need i explain? any fan knows what i mean.
The Cure
comments: when ever i get sad, i put on 'boys don't cry'...and cry. i'm not a boy, thats why.

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