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girls-suck profile - diary
comments: "Boys suck, but hey, girls suck more."
molzo profile - diary
comments: "Fucking girlfriend...word of doom. "
austinliz profile - diary
comments: "Screw um, that's what I say."
bassclargrrl profile - diary
comments: "You reading my paper has nothing to do with you needing a fuck buddy."
samantha-m profile - diary
comments: "Dumb confusing boys."
uknowhatodo profile - diary
raziela profile - diary
comments: "Guess what? I am getting tired of boys who act like jerks. That is why I hate some boys. Not all, just a few. To me, that's quite enough and I do not wish to put up more boys on my hate list. So watch it, dudes."
whichonenow profile - diary
comments: "i had you all at once and now you've all disappeared as quick as you've come"
o0-girl-0o profile - diary
comments: "Boys. Can't live with them, can't procreate without them."
velvet-heart profile - diary
comments: "I want to be like the wind, and just fly, this aching thats left inside of me due to heartache of being misused and abandoned at the most inoportune moments."
paintedkiss profile - diary
comments: "he looked at another girl, the way i looked at him."
peachick profile - diary
comments: "Why are girls keeping faith when boys aren't?"
blueforever profile - diary
comments: "They can laugh at me and make me feel stupid up in hell for all I care. die. die. die."
guysuck2 profile - diary
comments: ".. but when it comes down to the real gut pain. no one talks about that."
never-ending profile - diary
comments: get yer designs here

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