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from darleene :
What a small world! Turns out we both grew up in Hacienda Heights! Which HS did you go to, Wilson or Los Altos? I'm a Conquerer (heheh, sorry that just sounds funny...) Anyway, I've been keeping up with your posts at, keep up the good work!
from soljah :
i wasn't yelling at you ;p and i know i'm not that enormous but this llanta is bothering me ;/
from panaman :
Hey cool site! I've enjoyed catching up on your posts. Thanks for the comment on Nebur's World.
from quetzalli :
do you remember me? years ago you left me a note regarding julieta venegas... anybuey, i've since neglected my diary but i've remained a fan of yours. at the time you were an undergrad and stressed out about your job, i was a loser not doing much with my life. here's where shit gets crazy-- i'm now a 3rd year at UCLA (transfer student). this past fall i got a new diary, i've caught up with yours, viewed your pictures, wondered how bizarre it would be if i ever ran into you, and now... i have to wonder no more.
from dandlioneyes :
your writing style is tremendous! will stop by frequently. have a great weekend!
from thechemister :
Your banner with Frida Kahlo first got me to your diary. I love Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and I think I'm going to love your diary. I'm gonna be here for a while.
from cindreviews :
Cinderella Reviews is a brand new review site. So if you would like a review please come and check us out at . We hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank You!
from soljah :
well, they didn't actually get together and have a meeting but they might as well have since they all say the exact same thing. "you need a mexican boy!".. :(
from hamiltonian :
I love the design you have! Nice journal and you have a great smile...
from sinverguenza :
thanks for the note you left me, i'm sorry i'm so late in responding! espero que todo te este llendo bien. saludos!
from anonadada72 :
Heh. I guess after 9+ hours of LOTR, my brain wasn't up for much other than teeny-bobberesque. :) Lucky you for having that time with family. I have so many living in Mexico that I don't even really know -- we see each other only at funerals, and if we're really lucky, at an occassional wedding. Too sad.
from rockera :
When was/is Cafe Tacuba in LA?!?!?! I hope you enjoyed your trip to USC. :) Unfortuneatley I feel like I might become one of those statistics you mentioned. Im pretty close to failing my bio and chem classes but Im not giving up just yet... :(
from for-you-only :
Hey, I have this awesome review site going at, I don't have anybody in pending right now, so your review would come fast! Go ahead and check it out. Feel free to read my diary, or add me, or any of that other good stuff. :) Also feel free to note me. Notes are fun. And you can leave comments... I like those. !!! Have a nice day from PINK!
from gigamonster :
I don't know how I stumbled upon your diary, but I really like it. I'll be adding you to my favorites soon. Oh and that Carla Trujillo novel is pretty chida.
from la-sad-eyez :
i just wanted to say i agree with you about not understanding how a person can be "illegal". i really like your diary. i'm going to add it to my favorites.
from rockera :
For your trip I suggest bug repelent if you're the sweet blooded type. That's all i got. And yes, USC (trojan love), sorry, the UCLA app looked like too much of a pain. I swear i'm not spoiled either.
from rockera :
JEEBUS! YOU ARE SO BLESSED! I would die if I ever got that close to Ruben! Well maybe I exaggerate but that is so awesome. Man I love the Tacubos. gonna go see them this friday with "sneakydaria" along with Maldita too. That should be fun but it doesn't beat a picture with them too. ::shakes fist::
from paulmx :
Hola. Nada m�s saludando. !
from sneakydaria :
Haha. I laughed too when I read that statement. And what is a "real" Mexican supposed to be anyway? I mean, isn't that beginning to stereotype our people? I don't know. I think it's a pretty bogus statement. But that's just my opinion.
from nagvioli :
<<<<ABRAZOS>>>> hoping you feel better soon.
from hand-frost :
i've just started reading pedro paramo, and i'm deeply impressed by his work. also, i haven't heard the new roots cd, phrenology. what do you think of their new cd?
from paulmx :
Antes estaba confundido y ahora soy escritor... creo que no cambi� mucho.
from paulmx :
Hola, eso de jugar con los lunares es divertido, una vez una amiga hizo como 5 caras sonrientes en mi brazo... s�, divertido.
from sneakydaria :
Sigh. I never go to finish the movie in French class. I've never seen you in person but from your pictures I can see the resemblance.
from sneakydaria :
Oh how I wish my classes always showed movies. Unfortunately, nope. Not at all. Ohhh, we're watching Real Women Have Curves in French class right now. Have you seen it?
from seventigers :
Just dug up your diary, and well...I kinda like it :)
from rockera :
hola, es la primera vez que vistas a chicago? Ojala te lo pases bien padre, es una ciudad muy bonita con mucho que hacer y ver. no hay tanto rockero pero.... nimodo. :P diviertete.
from bslayer :
Holas tu! ... Casi mexicana! De la que te salvaste! jajaja, no! como crees!? Esta bien ser mexicana. Hey, espera! yo no lo soy... lol. Pero he vivido aqui toda mi vida, tons, como si lo fuera! Muy padre tu diary! Sigue escribiendo! Se cuida pues! bye bye!
from evysherret :
Hi. I am an art teacher in West Texas. A close friend sent me your address because it had some Frida Kahlo imagery. I have always adored Kahlo and her art. I haven't had a diary for very long. I want to create and learn to make my own templates. Do you have any advice for me? I assume that you are a very bright computer girl. Thanks in advance for your help.
from streetfaerie :
hey sorry for this - but if you could give me the pass to soljah's diary, i lost it when I had to reconfig my computer and her gbook isn't working you can email it if u dont mind ([email protected])
from ugotsoul :
Very cool... tu primera vez en Nueva York? I actually live down the street from La Kueva... but I've never been... so you'll have to tell me if it's any good!
from ugotsoul :
are you visiting NYC? or do you live here... I just dropped bye... very cool diary BTW...
from cuntgirl :
your words make me ache for a home I'm not sure I've ever had. or get craving manzanilla anyway.
from supasoulsis :
That is one BAD ASS que tu estas llevando in your trading card pic.
from kbaa :
i like it
from supasoulsis :
:( I LOVED your old layout - bring it back!!!! lol.
from soljah :
hey girl, been reading yer diary and I totally feel you on the long distance thing it's HELLA hard! I know i'm going through something like that right now, it's also nice to read an intelligent chicana :) Right, juss felt like dropping in a hello . - peace -
from un-bad :
PS--> I had a thing for Benny from The Sandlot for years.
from un-bad :
I heart Frida Kahlo. But where is she? And her paintings? But that doesn't really matter because I've got her books and your writing is filled enough to make me forget about that.
from autumnal :
the frida banner got me. the design you have, while no frieda :( is really damn terrific. i love it!!!!!
from breatheagain :
Oh Ok, Just wanted to make sure we hadn't actually skipped your diary. If you still want a review you can go ahead and re-submit. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience!
from breatheagain :
I noticed you have "pending" for diaryscore. When did you submit your request, or what is your name you used to submit your request. I am the owner of diaryscore and I am just seeing if we missed your review...leave me a note in my guestbook letting me know.
from dreamreviews :
Hola. Where's your link to us? Once you put it up (or show us where it is) we'll review you.
from riotladyamy :
Yay! Cafe Tacvba!! Re is very great, I must agree. Did you get their new sort of "best of" album? It's so great because it's so convenient to have all the best songs at once. Get it!
from lore129 :
hey, i just wanted to let you know i joined your amores perros diary ring, haha. Oh, I like your layout a lot.
from heavenreview :
Your review is up! =)
from londom :
Thinhgs fall apart, but I just went out and bought a David bowie greatest hits CD.
from reznorific :
Hey thanks for your note, your ring, and umm..a whole lot of stuff that can't come to mind right now. I enjoy your diary. It's so refreshing to find someone like you. Let's get in touch sometime.
from espagnola71 :
Gracias por unirte a "escribiendo", siempre es un placer encontrar a otro hispanoparlante en diaryland :-)
from otherfriend :
thank you. maybe after a few more years at the college by the beach i'll be at the university among the rich, like you... see... l.a.
from castigada :
I am honored you visited my diary! I am doubly honored you found it funny! Keep up the good work at ucla. I have a feeling you may be our first chicana president someday.

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