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from lmanga :
just thought i would say something since i just read a beutiful part of your heart i just felt like i had to give something back..thank you for being dreams i wake screaming ,,,,,in the morning i lie wishing,,,,,,,at walls im still night i lay waiting.......all day i hate debateing.......gready tears in the (concise time here)she gives so much life when she calls,but she takes more than all....dead .
from fword :
fword is alive and well and under new management. please forward any entries to "[email protected]"
from fword :
hi, i found you through listing femmeproject as a favorite, and thought you might want to check out this new site fword and possibly even send in a submission. xoxox, jessica
from erato :
i know where you are... sleepless nights, sleepless days. and food would be something of a treat, but between the books and the sheets, there are few places i can think of, still open at 3am.
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from symmetree :
um. your layout has some problems i think. all that is in the screen is angelina. who is beautiful to look at, but im more interested in your words. xo
from erato :
your poem is really a masterpiece. i don't know why you don't grace us more often with such wondrous words. thank you so much for sharing that. i really like it. your style is very captivating.
from symmetree :
hey man. i love your page. and i love this notes function. xo

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