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from nineofswords :
Thanks for the kind note. :-)
from coronakym :
Hello to me. You're doing fine and people love you. Don't forget.
from xxholding-on :
hey sorry for bothering anymore just wanted to let a few people know that the art contest closes its voting tonight at midnight, so if you have a chance please stop over and put one last vote and review in for me, thanks so much =)
from xxholding-on :
thank you so much, it really means a lot that people on here actually did participate! Thanks!
from xxholding-on :
hey i saw you were online and i really wanted the vote/review from diaryland members towards an art contest i joined. It's a coach marketing contest and i need as many votes as i can get! I'm already in 19th out of 2700, please help me out!
from spnkthru :
i updated! it's a small one...but at least I did!
from harpman :
Its not about people helping each other anymore, its about people helping themselves.
from spnkthru :
I activated my notes now! yeaaayaaaah!
from spnkthru :
write more than 1 word dammit! in fact I'm expecting no less than 200words soon!
from harpman :
Ellsberg was damn good! Down with the LIES!!
from spnkthru :
rawk! :-)
from harpman :
Hi. :)
from harpman :
and i discovered happiness in a bottle of aliz´┐Ż. - coronakym That sounds terrible and depressing. LOL. You dont need alcohol to be happy!! alcohol is only an agent of the current mood or mind set you are already in. ALize' does taste good though. Guiness still kills it. GIve me a pint of guiness at the bar and Ill be a happy bloke. I miss Turtle Tavern, I could just walk in there and Mike would have my guiness already pouring in to the glass at the site of me, then there was Paulie, always faithfully at the TT drinking, drum roll: GUINESS!!
from isheoutthere :
Thank you for the note you left. I appreciate it. I don't have a problem with you either....Maybe I was too sensetive, but anyway thanx for taking the effort to write me!!!
from killsteve :
hey, havn't had time to read you're diary yet but the note was much appreciated, thanx.
from jaimelynne :
hey. you just signed my guestbook for a diary i forgot i even had! anyway, les has told me stories about "kym with a y" and i think its really strange you found me on here. ill tell him you said hi :)
from crazyamy28 :
well stranger, same to you.
from crazyamy28 :
yeah it is pretty pointless. But if you read my recent entry, you'll see that I am not doing too well. In fact I may never be the same again. I'm so scared. I could really use a friend about now.
from rachel1418 :
Hello there, thought it would be appropriate to leave you a message also. Thanks for mine. Maybe I'll meet you again sometime.

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