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from jo-belgium :
that's amazing, I was searching sites about sigur ross, and I found your personal page. You're just like me: you like the same movies and authors than me. Then I read the messages you left in survey area. I thought the sentences were mine... So, I don't know why I'm writing this message. Maybe you will write me back to talk about things me like... that would be very pleasant! don't hesitate, here's my e-mail address: fagnant.joel @ Sorry for my english, I certainly made a lot of mistakes cause I use to speak french... have a nice day (here in belgium it's 9.11PM!!)
from madrussianme :
You should check out Invisible Don at
from design-doll :
love the polka dotted betty ones... high heels are so hot... i'm glad you're part of the revival ;) xoxoxo
from bubbleviciou :
Things I love about Diana. (An abbreviated list): 1. I love that you say things people don't want to hear. 2. I love that you see through other peoples' bullshit and yet remain open enough to forgive people for being stupid. 3. I love that you push your limits creatively, politically and socially so that other people will be inspired to do the same. 4. I love that you wear big furry booties and laugh at everyone's misfortune, including your own. 5. I love that you stand up for yourself and your ideas. Hence I would like to send one large internet-delivery hug to Dianabee the Soap Eater, whom I miss intensely right now for reasons that are unexpected but not at all surprising. *HUUUUUUUUG* Love, A Vicious Bubble-Eater
from liquidhuman :
More power to pit hair! Mine's all smooth and flat; I think it looks ladylike compared to my boyfriend's scraggly pits. Pit hair is so fun, I don't know why more girls don't have it.
from natedogcool :
I saw a picture of you picking your nose on another site, and I thought you looked cool! So I checked out your diary, and whaddya know?? You are cool! Thanks for the entertainment! ;) Oh, and props for a cool diary, too.
from design-doll :
covenant on wed!!! yayyyyy!!! the show starts at 8pm, so we should leave at like 6 or something to get there in time and stuuuuf... i talk to you bout this soon! xx
from donoteatsoap :
[must read aload in mock kung fu movie speech] Dianabee, you are the alter of my arch nemisis. For that you must pay. And you will pay dearly.
from finding-home :
from robroy :
I'm sitting in the computer lab on campus writing in my diary and out of the corner of my eye i see another diaryland screen. Low and behold its dianabee: Diary superhero in purple. Small world. Ants are small too.
from liquidhuman :
Hey, thanks for the compliment! :)
from guenivere1 :
Nooooooooooooo! MUST.....HAVE....PASSWORD..
from eepelephants :
oh no!!! i cant read you anymore :( well i hope it was for a good reason. i'll go off and pout now...
from oldhippie :
*sad face* hope you're ok...
from khai :
locked? :shocked look:
from lordyuric :
i, too, panicked that you locked your diary. now i will have to actually message you on AIM to speak with you.
from furnaceroom :
You locked your diary?!? oh dear...
from jezolina :
Haha! Did you nickname him pig-pen? I think that's a good idea. People always thing well of Peanut's characters.
from ugotsoul :
*in a hypnotic tone* drink the coke! drink the coke! yummy!!!
from scarydoll :
you have pretty hair!
from jezolina :
That's weird. I know I had trouble earlier today because I was trying to fix the pic, but it seems to be working fine now. I wonder if it's browser version related?
from localaura :
Tell my parents that. :) I can't wiat for college... i'll never get offline. EVer ever ever ever. *drool*
from jezolina :
Rock on sistah, that is an admirable thing to do I think and you look mahvelous!!
from theused96 :
uh....hey. i read your last diary entry and you seem really interesting. oh, and willy is a cool name for an inchworm. tell your roomate that she has killed one of the greatest creatures on this earth!!! kidding. anyways, my name on yahoo messanger is the_used_96. so yeah, my email is [email protected] so if you would like to email me, then go for it. ohh yeah, and really nice choice in hair color. i think that looks really good. well, talk to you sometime hopefully. later!
from icaofyesses :
congratulations on the shaved head....i had mine shaved for about three years. it is a great experience, very different. i think i was my most confident. and it's amusing at times (like when you find out all your friends thought you were on chemo when you met them). and you can re-dye your hair much more often. anyway, i just wanted to leave a note, cuz shaved heads are great. enjoy
from chullapa :
Sweet ass hair purple rocks it hard. I hope your celabacie(I'm from the south I can not spell)is going well, I am Bond,James Bond.
from ugotsoul :
did you donate bone marrow? (i hope that doesn't sound like a retarded question... i may have missed an entry...)
from furnaceroom :
I love your diary. It rocks. The new picture in the layout is great. And all of your other phots are awesome too! I hope Dan gets his ass in gear and shapes up. If I were him I'd be afraid of you!
from ugotsoul :
I hope you told that Mr. Dan to shove it... that is NOT COOL... knock? you gotta be kidding me?
from amongstars :
Your hair is also cute... umm rar? hmmp, I'm not good at this. [gives up] Oh look at me! I'm a failure!
from sad-disease :
While reading, I realized I have OCD tendancies. I can't read one of your entries without running my mouse over the the boxes. If I don't see the colours change, I can't concentrate on the words. Your diary has made me crazy.
from amongstars :
[blinks]... just rar, eh?
from alora-dream :
GASP! One orgasam a month?!? MY GOD WOMAN! Shoudl I purchase a vibrator for you? Do you know about the "shower trick?" We must work on this!
from jonah64 :
I like your hair (and your diary too!)
from bitfox :
you're welcome. also, thank you for taking the time to want to talk to me and get to know me better. it would have ruled if this had worked out a little better, instead of us both flitting away for random reasons, but it happens. we should do that again, without distractions.
from ugotsoul :
thanks for the note... I can't fathom what I'd do... ughhh... yeah that's absolutely horrible... she just broke my heart... there aren't many words one can use to describe a situation like that... hmmm... yup... anyhow, hope this note finds you well, sweets. :)
from ugotsoul :
love the new pic as well... especially the purple in you hair!
from dannyboyk2 :
Hey, I like your diary's new picture! You look like Amelie in the movie theater... if Amelie had her hair died various shades of purple... and a lip piercing ; -) This is a bit of a tangent, but you're the third person I've written a note to recently that had a tie-in to Amelie. Hmmm. Ah well - keep it up, Diana!
from anister :
So I was so sitting here trying to retrace my steps of last Friday. It has lead me to allot of strange places I think for now on when I get trashed I should keep my computer indoors, actually maybe I should stay indoors also. I seem to tell people what I mean to say not what I should have said. I do like what I wrote you I just wish I remembered doing it and other things. Talking to strangers is strange I mean what if you’re in the FBI and you are trying to do FBI stuff. And this was all apart of you evil FBI plan. Or what if..……… I was and I was trying to trick you into becoming just like everyone else. So then with that said bye.
from smellyfinger :
You like nice people who smell good?!?!! WELL GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I'M IRRENICEABLE AND MY FINGER SMELLS!!! THAT'S RIGHT. Oh, God. Mildred is calling me to the salad bar to have some lettuce see you pee in a can joke is never old.
from lordyuric :
how does one email you to have you make us a painting with the crap we decided needs broken? perhaps you could email me and then i can email you. or you can note me with an email address or figure out some way to contact you.
from chullapa :
The fact that you've been rap'd saddens me even though I don't know you, but you making refrence to Star wars...made me laugh so hard I had to clean my screen off cause the fruit punch just came out I's gonna read you now.
from secondclass :
okay you get one point for being aware that rocky horror is over-rated but you get one meeeeelyon points for the furry boots and the God reference in favourite books. I will have to read you now...
from slapmeharder :
oh no no I'd never compromise for that sort of thing. It was more me musing about how things change...and also was more about me saying 'if it happens between now and then then good but I don't think I want to do it later.' xxxxxx thanks for your comment though.
from lexan :
when i'm in a certain question asking mood i'll ask people what they would do if they woke up and were godzilla, or even godzilla size. mostly cause i have fantasies about being all super giant. (just think of how fast you could run! and all the things you could eat and stomp) so yea, hooray for wanting to be a dinanasaur!
from lordyuric :
dinosaurs rock it unbelievably hard. they rock it harder like a magicist.
from bitfox :
this is a note. note: life is full of challenges. note: you can always get what you want; it just takes time. note: if your wake up in a dream, who's to say it isn't real? note: only tip if you feel like it. tip: look both ways before crossing the street. seriously.
from silleehed :
i wish my girly friends wanted to make a vagina stew. sounds like fun. ::c::
from raven72d :
Hmmm... Actually I thought "Smite the Amalekites!" was God's best work... Especially when delivered through Alfie, my friend Ellen's long-haired dachshund-- a small dachshund whom I've discovered is a minor Old Testament prophet...
from emo-at-heart :
Cute diary!
from brandonman :
I clicked your banner, too. I love the page and your diary. You're really cute! I'd say you should read my diary, but I don't update it nearly as often as I should.
from marlborogal :
hang in there girl, I hope you feel better soon.
from welsey :
Your hair is positively beautiful! What did you use to dye it purple, because thats a really nice color. Sorry about the boyfriend.
from welsey :
Your hair is positively beautiful! What did you use to dye it purple, because thats a really nice color. Sorry about the boyfriend.
from ugotsoul :
Your diary has become an instant fav!!! Fabulous love... much luck with the whole boyfriend now an "ex" and stuff... that's just a bunch of yuck...
from notmonkey :
That's great guy, Let's Fuck
from patw-21 :
i clicked your banner, i love the page!
from dharmabumgrl :
see its working :)
from lestat58 :
Sorry 'bout ya boyfriend. I like you diary. And your hair...and your lipring....O.o bloody kisses, Lestat
from raven72d :
Break-up Ninjas probably get to dress better, too...
from dollsteak-co :
Doll Steak, Test Meat. Look on the bright side is suicide. Find me, you wont regret it.
from raven72d :
"breaking up ninja" is a wonderful concept-- but scary, too.
from raven72d :
If you do masturbate to textbooks...does that make exams orgasmic?
from ludicn :
Man! You too, huh? Fortunately for me, I don't live with him (thank god). I wish you all the best in riding out the situation as smoothly as possible.
from raven72d :
Well, I guess the matrices in linear algebra could be vaginal symbols... As someone who graduated law school, I have to be sympathetic to Cortes, who after all studied law in Spain.
from raven72d :
Your diary says so many things that I really love... and the photos are fun. Now... I *have* to ask... if you do masturbate while reading books for class, the books are...what subject? If you say "linear algebra", I'll be terrified.
from sipthis :
I'm not sure how she found out about it, but eh. I know that she has controls to get into my email and blah.
from blueallover :
hm... delicious :)
from sipthis :
Hello there. Your diary is kick ass....Take care. Carpe Diem.
from andijane :
hehehe... im a monkey today.. what are you?
from quazymike :
hey! i resemble that remark!
from quazymike :
(strums Gm7) in a rockin good world.... (strums Asus7 but misses fingering and just plays open chord) ...rock lives in (sang as if dog has bit the twig and berries) haaaarmony!
from freshsoul :
you are SO not a fact, i think you have reached the level of rockstardoom in my book (as if that means a fucking thing!)...but are pretty fucking rad, if i do say so my goddamned self (its ok for me to say that cuz i'm an atheist)...ok, everybody back to whatever it was you were doing....the show's over....nothing to look at here ((i've been at the office for like 9 hours now and i am losing my mind....)) happy 4th kiddo....peace!
from davisfc50 :
I had something nice to say in response to your timely guestbook entry but it doesn't feel appropriate to bounce back and forth between guestbooks. Do you have an e-mail address I can send it to? Mine is ddmeyer at ucdavis.
from davisfc50 :
Uh, I'm the first. Yes! *pumps fist awkwardly* Have a happy day.
from dianabee :
leave me a note! please! i am a loser and these notes are all i have going for me!

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