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from violetwoman :
Send me your email address (in my notes), that way I won't be leaving the password in your notes. Please, and thank you!
from violetwoman :
Nice to see you're still around! I've locked my diary-if you would like the password, let me know in my notes!
from violetwoman :
Hiya! Do you have your stuff on E-Bay still? Simon is addicted to E-Bay now, and I have been surfing it a bit too. I tried your link but none of your hats or anything showed. Hope you're doing well.
from violetwoman :
hey, how ya doing? have you stopped doing the d-land thing?
from violetwoman :
Hi there! I was wondering where you'd been. Your friend soundsl like a handful. It's one thing to be there for her most of the time, but if she's calling or dropping by at 3 in the morning, that's out of control. I guess all you can do is not answer the phone or the door, EVER, after say, 10 at night and before 9 in the morning. We have to do this with one of Simon's friends. I turn the ringer off the phone at night (which I hate doing if there's an emergency I need to know about), but thank goodness he lives out of town and doesn't drop by. Personally, if I get pushed too far, I would stop being friends, just to save my own sanity. You can only do so much. It sounds like you've been a good friend. She has to contribute as well. You can't take care of her. You've got to take care of yourself. Like I said, I've got a few friends who are self-destructive as well, but thank goodness they don't phone or drop by at times that would disturb me. I would hate that. I feel for you. It's a tough situation. Good luck. Kim
from leslieirene :
Thank you for that note! I really feel for you, as I know how devasating not only the illnesses can be, but also the medications. You are in my prayers, and I thank you for writing! Blessings Always, Leslie Irene :) P.S. Write anytime!
from squirrelx :
Thank you very much for the note you left me. Your kindness, and your readership, are profoundly appreciated! Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from violetwoman :
Glad you're feeling better. Those treatments don't look like much fun, either. It's sunny here too, but just a little too chilly to brave.
from cuntgirl :
not even the passing of time seems to decrease my envy/awe at your having had the chance to sit in that class....
from violetwoman :
Hey, thanks for the sweet note. Just the thing to make me smile upon arriving at work! I guess I just need to have the worry chip removed from my brain. Thanks again.
from greenwitch :
Just read back in your diary. I hope you are feeling well. I didn't catch what exactly is causing your unwellness but I hope all is going good for you. Happy New year.....
from violetwoman :
Hi, just read your note. And caught up on your past few entries. Keep writing, and if you're happy, don't worry about THAT! It's always good to hear about happy lives. You're very lucky. :)
from violetwoman :
from violetwoman :
hey, thanks for the note. Most of the diarylanders are pretty young-I just wished one of the older reviewers had reviewed mine! My ancient computer will not open your Diary Page (it always stalls for some stupid reason) so have not kept up with you. I hope all is well!

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