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from spritopias :
Again, thanks for your comment.
from spritopias :
He's adorbale.
from spritopias :
Thanks for the comment. I am updating "Classic Spritopias" this week for while you're reading if you find something you *really* like I'll add it on.
from facepunch :
from tornlace :
i hate roaches but i love that part about shedding their skeletons. damn wouldn't that be a fun thing to be able to do :)
from captivated- :
I know I spelt that guestbook message wrong lol I was typing way too fast. Oh and I like the new picture you have for me heh =o)
from irishluvr :
I love your diary and you can tell that bitch you reviewed you to go fuck some priss-ass A&F model or some shit. This is an example as to why morons shouldn't have the freedom to voice their opinions. Keep writing. :D
from captivated- :
And you finally changed my comment lol so thank you!
from captivated- :
Oh yes, and you knwo who I am now, heh. I just noticed your profile when I came for the notes.
from captivated- :
Hey Samantha! I am so envious of your writing skills heh you're very good at story telling! Did you get rid of your guestbook because I did not see the link?
from dragonreign :
Well, duh, Tanker. And that is what I did. And yes, you did say it was private.
from tanker62 :
I never said it was my PRIVATE diary; I said it was MY diary, so I can write whatever the fuck I choose to write in it. Opinions and excuses are like assholes; Everybody's got one; If you wanna share yours, I can't stop you.
from captivated- :
You've made a new fan =) therefore... You've been added.
from tanker62 :
It wasn't meant for anybody's approval; It was meant for my contemplation. Once again, if I made an ass of myself in your eyes, wasn't my intention.
from lklittle :
i do not know.... i just was looking for a dragon one but oh well FUCK IT!!!
from deeznutz777 :
Actually it never went over my head! I dont attend orange high. So maybe you misunderstood what you were reading/talking about!
from deeznutz777 :
just out of curiosity what are you talking about in the note that you had left me?

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