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from englishsucks :
I absolutely love your layout, your style of writing/expressing.
from loveherwell :
hope you're okay...though things obviously seem otherwise.
from loveherwell :
hey--i really, truly appreciate that. it is what i needed to hear, i think. i hope you're doing well, yourself.
from axde :
lets go on an adventure.
from lethalpickle :
HAHAHAH! i guess i should check that out huh? i wondered why loved burned down there....hahaha
from home-of-d :
Where have you gone?
from axde :
hhahaa holy wow.
from lethalpickle :
Faithless - God is a DJ Tool - Reflection Nick Drake - Pink Moon CCR - Bad Moon Rising I am the higway - Audioslave Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Paper Moon Radiohead - Sail To The Moon Bap Kennedy - Moonlight kiss Van Morrison - Dancing In The Moonlight Louis Armstrong - Moon River ALL without the aid of the internet! FUCK YA!
from mandison :
i'm lost
from missy-17 :
well i was just browsing through members and saw your name and wanted to see how "drastik" things were!! ha ha ;)
from missy-17 :
hey i am 17 and my name is mia, i just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!!
from lethalpickle :
Happy birthday you old you lots you lots...
from honeysimple :
Man I miss that cartoon, watching it with you. Tears even.
from drastik :
bitterness rocks! :D
from honeysimple :
Funny how some things never change. Keep dreaming of your angel

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