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jburnage profile - diary
cannet profile - diary
drastik profile - diary
blueozark profile - diary
chalkstain profile - diary
comments: "I think I've found my treasure. It won't last forever, but it's there, and I'm going to appreciate it because life is beautiful sometimes, when we're not in control."
sherpahigh profile - diary
notunique profile - diary
comments: "Because, really, a logical person should see the obvious about the second time around, that you're trying to win back something, remember it. Whatever."
myheavyheart profile - diary
bridgecity profile - diary
imworried profile - diary
boyecho profile - diary
erases profile - diary
comments: "music is the last beauty on earth"
is-life profile - diary
flenflyys profile - diary
darthuae profile - diary
comments: "maybe i can live with certain flows of ignorance but sometimes i might just want the truth that preys on your heart. and so if that's what's going to come and peace will meanwhile rust, let it come and you won't deny it if you could.
secret-motel profile - diary
comments: "It amazes me the infinite number of ways emptiness can be defined and configured. All this birth and death around us: the Earth won't remember a single one."
moonsocket profile - diary
comments: thank you.
coffinspire profile - diary
iiv profile - diary
comments: "and i sat next to a guy smoking a cigar, and another guy with a corncob pipe came by and said NICE STOGIE, and they talked smokes for a bit, and the guy with the corncob pipe said how it makes him feel like hugh hefner without the women or the money
pretendlemon profile - diary
twoguns profile - diary
weatethesea profile - diary
comments: "I hope this for us young folk: even if everything is the worst it can ever be, we will still be able to absorb external joys and glow warm like a lantern."
aperfectmap profile - diary
comments: "i find that there are many shapes, and many instruments that create them; fires for the forging make the dark a lesser place, never again so oppressive or binding."
bi-pet profile - diary
rugged profile - diary
hrtlssrmntc profile - diary
passthetrain profile - diary
idividedbyi profile - diary
insertsmilex profile - diary
lostelephant profile - diary
hovercrafts profile - diary
permeation profile - diary
in-alaska profile - diary
comments: "the other day i almost stepped on a dead rat. this place is beautiful in a non-traditional way. i ramble."
bunnymama profile - diary
floorplan profile - diary
boombasticat profile - diary
comments: "He's so smart and dry and funny, the kind of guy you'd like to take along to some juicy American stuff like a rodeo or a bingo hall and constantly lean in close, to find out what he's smiling about."
che profile - diary
xcjamesx profile - diary
chatterwall profile - diary
solitaryblue profile - diary
misfitstray profile - diary
spires profile - diary
comments: "my eyes may be busy on the ceiling, and my thoughts might turn to envelopes and hands and sealing tongues, but god fuck you, i am present. and i will be evermore."
defaults profile - diary
catsoul profile - diary
manvsdevil profile - diary
comments: "Of course there are my family and friends but even when around them I cannot help but think that I just don't fit in and if I could would I jump head shot into eternity, early and forsaken?"
and-the-way profile - diary
clingwrap profile - diary
ping-island profile - diary
sorrowshadow profile - diary
zoela profile - diary
comments: "I'd do anything for the child I married, and in return I dare you universe, to give me the man he was meant to be, so that I can trade my armor for a gown."
warpednormal profile - diary
unclockwise profile - diary
sassymcgee profile - diary
nakedpride profile - diary
avantbedroc profile - diary
frankie123 profile - diary
comments: "well fuck this shit i don't need a thing"
loladesilva profile - diary
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clingwrap profile - diary
foreveragain profile - diary
comments: dearest!

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