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from lacorneille :
Welcome to the Diary God/dess diaryring!
from jonah64 :
Good luck on all that stuff. I know you can pull this off. If I were in Des Moines I would help you any way I could, but instead I can just wish you good luck. Jonah
from jonah64 :
Happy Birthday. Good luck with that special guy. Jonah
from abnormality :
yes yes yes. we [cool kids / huge nerds] are infact very hard to find in the good old wdm. i usually venture out to the northern 'burbs as well. anyhow.. i just put you on my buddy list. i'll talk to you next time i see you on.
from abnormality :
just wanted to let you know... i've been reading your diary for a while and enjoy it lots and lots. you have quite a way with words. i live in wdm but will be at isu in the fall. perhaps we'll run into each other sometime...
from jonah64 :
Hey, yeah that was me. I was going to say "hi, I'm Jonah" but I always have some sort of apprehension as to what people are going to think of me when they meet me in person, sort of a paranoia. I saw you and I recognized you, but I was just shy/wet/packing/wet/psychotic/wet. I hate the rain, unless I'm wrestling in it and it's not freezing outside. Jonah
from xeross :
I think I'm everyones biatch...but I like being your biatch the most ;) ;) peace, ~Kyle
from brokeninside :
guys are weird. i hope you found a good one. im hoping for you... -harlan
from jonah64 :
You should introduce yourself next time you see me. Just say something like, "hi, I'm drowningcore" or something. Jonah
from jonah64 :
Hey, I didn't see you girls in front of Oak-Elm, but yes I was playing soccer yesterday. I also work at Oak-Elm. I'm the checker (card-swiper) with green and purple hair. I check (swipe cards) on Wednesday lunch and Thursday breakfast. I also work hot counter on Fridays. Drop on by sometime and say hi. I always love meeting online acquaintences.
from brokeninside :
the eyebrow ring looks good ;) -harlan
from wrenny :
my heart just broke for you.
from brokeninside :
wow... what you wrote was just so honest. it was great... great in the "made me want to cry becuase ive been there before way". :( well... im sorry... try and feel better soon.. its not easy,, i wish it were. -harlan
from jonah64 :
I saw Death to Smoochy last night. You're right it was really funny, but it was a different type of funny from Super Troopers. It's hard to compare slapstick to modern comedy.
from mouse- :
yay for : swinging on swings in parks on sunny days thunderstorms @night with lots of lightening boo for : rainy days thunderstorms while i'm holding an umbrella...

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