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from torchstar :
Came to visit Diaryland to copy my St Hubert Jaegermeister page link, , for a friend into ancient Christian art... Re read some notes, and thought warm fuzzy thoughts of you. I pray all is well! You are welcome to contact me as torchstar at gmail <3
from torchstar :
Hey! I'm posting stuff from my old paper diary you may appreciate. Damn! I was so goofy in 1980. (Not that I'm not now) One of these days I may grow up!
from riverun :
dig this. been there. alcoholic madness. drugs and so on. resultant pain. life post-booze/drugs. -- dig this very much.
from vulgarcunt :
your screenname caught my eye, and i see you have some stuff going on in your life like i do... mind if i add you?
from torchstar :
Flew on by to say Howdy High Up Up & on to the Astral Plane (no need to land in the Hudson!!) ;)
from lawliiet :
May I read?
from torchstar :
I want to read your recent entries, but need the info! la_di_da (at)!!
from torchstar :
Central nervous system depressants are a drag. It is no fun not being able to remember the great fun from the night before. And it is even more confusing when there are bruises in weird places... There must be some other substance that will work ☯
from torchstar :
I just sent you another, 2:40 PM, Left coast time...
from torchstar :
Go to where is says "change your template",then "click here to change how each of your entry pages look"- copy and paste the code for your template into a plain text email, then send it to me, Leslie, la_di_da(at)mac(dot)com That makes sniffing out the wonkiness to fix more efficient. Thanks drugzilla- I am pleased to help such a worthy as heck cause! I love your writing.
from torchstar :
OK! I'll take a look at your code after I walk my dog in a bit. Yeah, I know about the white box not doing its thing right... I read your entries by highlighting the text first so I can see it!
from torchstar :
I tried a couple different browsers. It worked with Opera only. Safari ,Firefox- NOT! Strange but true. ps. It's noon, I feel good- fell asleep last night before dawn's early light.
from torchstar :
Your diary is cool- I am a fan of dope and manage a happy life too. Have you ever heard Nashville Pussy's tune, "You give drugs a bad name" or the Cramps, "Drug Train"? Celebration of the buzz! YAY! Unfortunately, your page's template layout makes it hard for me to read your stuff. The black text is impossible to read against the black background; your light box does not expand to accommodate all of the entry du jour. If you want, I'll tweak it for you. I'm an experienced professional web-mistress. I tip my current shot of Yaeger to you, and a bump. I'll be back to read more! I'm adding you to my list...
from and-darling :
It's not often I come across an MSI fan, nor one that knows of that particular song. I suppose it's because all the kids in my school are retards who lack musical taste. I could just be lying, though. Read some of your entries. They're often short, but thought-provoking.
from sublime09 :
i like drugs too, we should do them together one day

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