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from shadowvamp :
my shining this dark hell i live were always there...i'm so happy right now that i have found you
from shadowvamp :
i'm, i missed you
from gewel1 :
do you remember me? shadowvamp?
from gewel1 :
I cant believe i found you..
from lostsoul1602 :
You around? Maybe this is a bad idea, but I thought about you today. I'm surprised I found you again. I was just wondering how you were doing... and if you remember. Bye now. I hope you get this.
from br0kenfairy6 :
so i was just a mistake...and it's not very nice to wish eternal pain on someone cause you know it might just work.
from beat-me :
and i love you too
from shadowvamp :
I missed you,too..Lately I have found myself entertained by a sweet man...He's really nice to me and he's great.........So, how have you been?? Note me back.okay? ~JenN~
from shadowvamp :
hey you......
from shadowvamp :
I have come...your calling has brought me here to this place. I had no hope left at all of ever finding a way back until I saw you....That you needed me..and now I am here..thank you...
from shadowvamp :
i miss you too

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