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from madelin :
I'm Madelin on LJ
from ariawoman :
I'm ariawoman on DL :-)
from gembrat :
Krik may bruise you, but I adore you! Saw the pic & laughed MAO! Oh, photoshop is fun, ain't it?
from lilclownie :
happy birthday.
from lilclownie :
I have never said so, but I love that you call your son Mackey. That is the best name-- it just provokes smiles. And if I say it several times really fast I give myself the giggles. Okay, that was probably a stupid thing to say, but I do like that name. jenclown
from gembrat :
Have I mentioned lately how awesome a friend you are? You are! Maybe that future trip? Or that full spa day I've been looking at. I was going to wait until Friday to mention the Circle thing though... to make full use of it Saturday night! *G*
from cheflouise :
Hey Mo - I've seen most of the quotes attributed at various other times to Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and Dan Quayle. My usual mantra is, if YOU don't hear them say it, don't believe it. But most of 'em have been around for a lot longer than Kerry has been in the public eye.
from parlance :
People cheating on each a waste.
from cdghost :
came across your words and liked them very much, just thought I would let you know..all the best--thecdghost
from plaidskies :
"I'm a people pisser-offer"--WHOOHOO. I laughed so hard I had tears. Can't wait to hear about the TX adventures!!! Dangit, do tell!
from plaidskies :
80 degrees??? It is SNOWING here. And we're supposed to get 4-6 inches more snow. Can I move there? Please????
from plaidskies :
Mo, I know that you are there for me and praying and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of that. It's very scary, and I need as much positivity as I can to keep my own spirits up (not to mention Mike's!) and knowing that you've been praying for him goes a long way. I fully expect there to be a miracle. I can't see it be any other way.
from plaidskies :
Mo, my heart goes out to you and your family right now. I know that you weren't close to her, but all the same, know that my thoughts are with you.
from madelin :
Oh that story just broke my heart. I don't know how you deal with it.
from bluewillow29 :
I'm sorry the Fluffster had to go, but the Newpaper write-up was phenominal!!! Major kudos to the author ;-) ~tonya
from ariawoman :
Moe - I totally understand doing christmas that way. My mom actually started taking me shopping for things for myself for Christmas, which actually has a few positives...first of all, I get things I need/want, and second of all, we get a day together to hang out and shop and whatnot. It's one of our yearly mother/daughter rituals. :-)
from spaltor :
Moe! Those are so fabulous!!!
from jelligyrl :
Hey Moe!! Where are you in Texas?? I'm here too!! Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say hi! :) Take Care!!
from madelin :
black cloth!! you are nuts. OH, and I too have got puncture wounds from a needle, but the pointy side, not the eye (I was alterting my costume). Yikes.
from ladybugthe2 :
well send me a note and tell me everything about what happened and by the way like your page.
from gembrat :
Be-ll-y Bu-tt-ons....Humina, Humina! Oh, & the kitty is cute too! Pat
from mojo1915 :
Hello. Have an awesome day! :)

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