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from jessyca2002 :
Well, I tried to leave an anonymous comment, but after I read over it I realized u would know who it came from anyways. Considering I called u Kakos, and I am the only one (i think) that does that. Anyhow, I was just saying that I hope u keep a firm head on ur shoulders... rome wasn't built in a day. Be careful, and most of all, don't make me say I told u so... Please. Jessyca
from cuke15 :
hey katie... worried about you. haven't seen you online, and it seems like you wont be writing in your diary anymore. just let Laura or I know if you're still ok and if there's anything we can do.
from guitargod :
Hey, tryin to read your diary, but the page isn't working =( I'm a Saint Mary's guy, and I got really bored, and decided to see if anyone from around here actually does this stuff =) You're one of 2 =) Anyways, drop me a line if you're ever on here! Talk to you later =D
from say-good-bi :
omg my husband was just singing that song the other thats a blast from the past!
from timmain :
Thanks for signing my guestbook and complimenting my boogerhead! I love posting pics of him, he's the apple of my eye! lol
from deformedsoul :
hey you seem cool talk to me xplastikmixery thanks..
from lovingmysky :
thanks a lot, that really was nice of you to appologize. and i am flattered that you like my layout so much, its just that i worked so hard on it that i considered it my own. anyways thanks again.

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