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from lambofgodfan :
Hey What's Up? It's me again. I'm from Carmel, New York. Thanks 4 replying too! You're more nicer than the people on Live Journal! Gother
from lambofgodfan :
Hi I'm also a metal fan Plz replyb back!
from softhelight :
so u know, that was my friend sam talking to u earlier today. peace out.
from softhelight :
that'd be awesome. NIN would work too... hey, sorry i never said happy birthday, i didn't know when urs was. i turn 17 in 6 more days, YAY! hope ur doing well, it sucks that we never get to talk anymore. anyways, cya lata
from softhelight :
Yes, finally someone who agrees that Final Fantasy 8 was a good game! All of my friends are like "no that one sucked, 7's the best and 8's to structured to be good" i loved 8 and it's the only FF i've actually beaten. I don't care what any therapist says, i think ur opinions are important and that you're a good person. I wish i could talk to u more but ur never online it seems. anyways, i hope everything starts going better for ya. If you ever need to just talk to someone about anything, i'm always here. cya. ---Josh---
from softhelight :
hey, i'm sure you'll be okay. And, i'm definately sure you can do better. I'm offering that as an experienced observer of relationships.... still not having and participation in the field myself. Hey, when u finish the fan fic i'd love to read it. Oh, and you know what! you can use the money you get from the pawn shop to buy anime! That's what i'd do... of course i have a 'problem', as jen says, with anime. I only watch it semi-constantly. Like only when new naruto or Gundam Wing Destiny come out or when i find a series i want to see. Gotta love download sites. Oh and fuck yeah bout Poe. We did him for like a month at the beginning of the semester. I really got into his poetry, i'm a big fan of the raven. Also, the class decided that Annabell Lee is about necrophelia, lol. Hey, maybe you'll die naked, in nothing but knee socks, face down in a gutter with a frozen martini in one hand and mysterious scratches all over your body. Thought i kinda hope not for a long time. Personally, i think dying of disease or old age would suck cuz it's so boring. When i go out, i want it to be fantastic. I haven't done much so people probably won't remember my life, so i need a kickass death for them to remember instead. Sumthing with explosions, swords, and maybe a jet... that's it! I'll jump out of a plane with a snowboard and a parachute! I'll slash the parachute ropes off with the sword, then i'll detonate the bomb on the bottom of the snowboard! That'd be sweet........ well, i've ranted pretty long i'd say. Hope everything works out the way you want it to. Peace.
from softhelight :
hey, ur into soul reaver too! i guess i shouldn't be surprised at this point. If you get a chance you should read my fan fic, Soul Reaver: Unbound, that i'm workin on. make sure u read entry I before entry II. I hope ur feeling better.
from softhelight :
also, that's gundam wing endless waltz. and i loved the wing zero's new look... aka: big feathery white wings. the series was decent too, as with most other animes i watched, got the whole thing on dvd, strangely in english, with little cartoon network symbol in the corner
from softhelight :
hey, just so u know, the scar is from one of the strikes combat knives. Stabbed it right into the Duel's cockpit. also, cadbury eggs rock!
from pancakes11 :
wow... yeah that is one really messed up dream. but anyways, hope ur doin well, haven't talked to u in a while. almost did today, but u were busy. well cya lata carrie. peace out
from pancakes11 :
i noticed under fav characters you had bloo. that's the little dog thingy with the drill on it's nose right? from rave master? Man, i miss that show, i always end up missing it...
from pancakes11 :
it's inuyasha: affections touching across time or somethin to that effect. yeah 4kids should be killed in some brutal manner... if they screw up naruto next year i'm thinkin about gettin guns and goin for a visit. hey if you ever want to talk on aim my sn is bladestalkerRei , i'd like to see ur fan art and poetry too.
from huffmorph :
Hey! glad to see you're back and doin well! =P the odd thing is I knew you a bit before all the stuff...and you're one of the more 'sane' people I know lol.

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