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from tothefloor :
hey, a reminder that oxfordavid is coming next weekend to nashville if you decide you're up for a roadtrip.
from hamiltonian :
Vote for me diaryland president, just visit my site and vote today...
from erica8378 :
Have you read the article about him in the current issue of Rolling Stone?
from hamiltonian :
dick cheney makes me sick
from hamiltonian :
thanks for the note
from hamiltonian :
rush limbaugh is a sick racist bigoted hate monger
from idiotreviews :
Hey Erica! Danielle here. I'm here to inform you that your review is up! Thanks for being so patient! Hope your doing good. :) <3 <3 <3
from thecritic :
THANKS! I love you! I don't know you! But I still love you anyway 'cause I'm in a really good mood right now hahah. Happy Belated Birthday!
from mkboog :
Someone was msn searching erica8378 and came across my diary I thought you might wanna know! HUGS!
from kimberry33 :
D. Sedaris does rock. If you haven't read Naked (Augusten Burroughs) I highly recommend it. Much in the same vein.
from mkboog :
Hello! It's the Oklahoma City Zoo.
from moresarah :
WORD on girls' night out! Shame on those who don't deem it as the sacred event it should be. Enjoy!
from mom-on-roof :
"dawn is a supremely geeky outcast and the victim of an endless stream of attacks" "dawn is a massive undertaking" Hey Erica! Thanks for reading my stuff, I'm so excited to have a new buddy! Will be adding you too, and following along in your adventures! LUV the Googlisms! Great fun!
from hissandtell :
Hello - thanks so much for adding me to your buddies list! How very flattered I am! I've read the last dozen or so of your entries and enjoyed them enormously - looking forward to keeping up with your life. Love, R xxx
from purplecigar :
Hi. I really don't envy the time you are going through (with the grandmother sitch). I have kids (not adopted) and it's hard enough to fit all the family in anyhow!
from globe :
Globe Listings would be happy to have you as part of our listings site! Would you like more traffic? Come check us out then! Thank you. Have a great day!
from s-m-r :
Thanks for listing me as a favorite. In the coming weeks, I'll be sure to catch up with your entries. You take it easy, Erica. --SMR
from mkboog :
Thanks for doing my survey!
from silvavocat :
Congratulations! Best Wishes to you and your beautiful family
from moresarah :
What a wonderful letter! I hope all goes well for your family this week!
from moresarah :
Erica, thanks so much for your note! To say I'm tickled would be an understatement, but man, I'm already feeling the pressure of having 'the date', 'the location', 'the dress', yada, yada. But eloping is not off the table yet... :)
from erica8378 :
8/3/78 is my birthday. Isn't it great to be a Leo?!
from starzero :
just asking if the 8378 refers to a date, like a b-day. if so, that makes you precisely two years younger than me.
from shadowkatt :
Oh, that's sad...I hope you get to adopt your LO and the newborn, and live a happly ever after-type of life! ^^
from sigh-co :
Sorry if I offended you, no hurt feelings. I think it's great what you do with your foster kids- Not that it's the same thing by any means, but I foster orphaned kittens and puppies from the animal shelter. The reason that I get a little (okay, a lot) snarky about getting pets fixed is because I have physically seen puppies and kittens get put to sleep at my local animal shelter, just because there aren't enough cages there for them all. It's heartbreaking, as you can imagine, so I try my best to educate people about the importance of spay/neuter. If you need help getting your mama dog fixed when the time comes, try contacting your local animal shelter- many shelters have programs to help out with the cost of the surgery. Good luck, and sorry if I was rude :)
from erica8378 :
Dear Sigh-co, First glad you like the diary. Second, you obviously don't know the whole story about my dog and her pups, so passing judgement here (rather than sending me an e-mail and not making a public ass out of yourself) isn't really something you should be doing. We took this dog in when she and her litter-mates were abandoned on the side of the road. It was, of course, always our intention to have her fixed, but occasionally things like, oh, I don't know, kids and bills and what the hell ever else gets in the way and time just passes. Obviously these are responsibilities about which you don't know a great deal. I happen to be a lot more responsible a person - what with being entrusted with the care of special needs children and all - than you seem to want to give me credit for. Not that I should even waste my energy explaining this to someone so enlightened as you believe yourself to be. So anyway, thanks for the comment.
from sigh-co :
I really like your diary, but holy crap! Unless there are absolutly no homeless animals in your county, you should have your dog fixed! Millions of animals are put to sleep in shelters accross the country every year, and even if you find homes for all your puppies, those will just be homes you are taking away from homeless, unwanted puppies at the shelter. Please get your dog fixed as soon as she's weaned the pups!
from erica8378 :
dictionary definition is also on my profile, but here it is as well: / swah-dee-ZAHN / - adj. - self-styled; so-called I liked the sound of it and the smart alec-y-ness of it. Like I am a soi-desant writer. :) Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the note.
from ladawnya :
What does soi-desant mean?
from emiline220 :
Hey, thanks for adding me as a favorite. I used to live in Sewanee, TN, so I have spent I a lot of time in Chattanooga. Also, I am doing Weetabix's card exchange, too. I'm sending out all my cards today, so you should get one soon. Happy Holidays!

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