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from opiod :
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from xanti :
It's nice to see you back. A lot of people decide to go back to school and make life changing decisions around your time of life. It's what this period is for. I hope all goes well with you in your Master's program. Take care!
from madrigle :
hmmm, not having luck leaving a message for you.. so glad to see you updated, and don't worry life will work its self out. HUGS.
from xanti :
Happy New Year! I hope you get that kiss. ;) Take care!
from xanti :
Studying for the GRE...*shivers* Good luck with it!
from xanti :
Nice. Have fun sleeping! :)
from incinerated :
Merry belated Christmas. One of my aunts does the picture thing as well, but she stopped giving it as a gift and just attatches it as a gift tag.
from atomicbuddha :
Glad you are back. Dublin is cute...he looks like my first Betta I had many years ago named Lancelot. Good name, I had a cat named Dublin and one named Belfast in college. I wish I had not wasted such a good name on such a deranged cat (Dublin...not Bel, Bel was a doll). I always wanted to recycle the name on a dog but I don't know if I will. It fits the cute wee fishy though!
from fourthirty :
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from xanti :
Nice to see you're back! I was beginning to wonder about you. Hope you're having a good turkey day! :)
from xanti :
Glad the job's going well. You'll do fine at the meeting thingie. =) Take care!
from atomicbuddha :
Nice to have you back. Was wondering where you went but figured you'd been busy with the new job.
from xanti :
I always loved chasing lightning bugs as I child. I was really bad about bringing them in the house and leaving the lid off the jar I had them in. Mom wasn't too happy to find lightning bugs in the beds. That sounds like it was a beautiful scene, though. Take care.
from incinerated :
Yeah, Oz could do that to a person. When I was younger I was convinced that if I slept with the sheets pulled my head, any robbers that may break into our house wouldn't be able to spot me. It took me years to begin to sleep without a blanket covering my entire face. And thanks for the comment and words of advice. I'm not a counselor, but I work at a camp as the nurse. We (counselors, supervisors, health care, etc) all share the same fear and anxities so it is pretty much all the same. Fun for now, yup, but I certainly don't have it in me to do this all the time. :)
from incinerated :
That's so odd. I remember coming across your diary through a banner and I was impressed, but I must have forgotten to add it to my list of favourites. And then I saw you had added me to your own list (which I appreciate a great deal) and I was reminded once again. Spooky.
from adulterous-k :
Hey there - thanks for the refer! Being almost completely ignorant in these things I've never set up my banner thing - is it easy? is it worth it?
from banefulvenus :
Holy cow, I loved the banner of the two people kissing that you made!
from velvet-stars :
i happened to come across one of your banners and i just wanted to tell you that it was beautiful and i usually dont click on those things but something made me click on yours. luckily i did. <3
from atomicbuddha :
Really nice diary. I was drawn in by your banner. Love the layout and that picture IS beautiful. I'll probably be reading some more if you don't mind. Weird side note: I think we live in the same area since I totally agree with your opinion of MacArthur Center Mall and noticed a Virginia reference in one entry.
from soul-glimpse :
yeah feel free to im me anytime, though my online times are quite sporadic. your best bet is to add absolutalyssa to your bl; i have another but i have almost everyone blocked there and rarely stay on for long. i do work at chili's; i actually am a little "assistant manager" of sorts; i am a trainer and i make the front-of-house schedule (bartenders, servers, etc.) it's a pretty big deal because that is supposed to be a strictly managers' thing. so much for it. if they don't call, don't necessarily think it's you though; chili's stores have an allotment of money they can spend on training new people every quarter and they may have simply exhausted their resources or a variety of other reasons. i do enjoy working there so you know, go for it and all that. well, i'm another double tomorrow so i better get some sleep.
from soul-glimpse :
yeah that's brinker policy or whatever: all applicants have to fill it out at the store. i've been hostessing and serving at chili's for about six months and while it's a great environment, they're really hardcore. good luck though.
from armadilloboy :
I reaally enjoy reading you. Been lurking for about 2 weeks, and really enjoy your style. :)
from soul-glimpse :
before you think i'm delusiional, i left that note for you and it was meant for someone else; i'm sorry! feel free to delete it out or whatever. i just added a bunch of new people to my buddy list (okay, just three) but i'm still getting a little mixed up. obviously. i will lay off the pot from now on; promise.
from soul-glimpse :
hey i flipped through a couple entries (as if i have an actual diary in front of me; i am SUCH a loser) and very much enjoyed. i particularly enjoyed the one about the pro-ana girls. been down that road and it appears you may have too. i'd like to see some of these girls REALLY deal with anorexia and then see how much they want to encourage others in this madness.
from msnotsoright :
wow I love your diary... this is a very simple note but I honestly mean what I said.
from amerla :
hi, thanks very much for the note. I didn't realize you were back on diaryland, and that you still read my diary a bit. crazy.
from carriem :
i love your layout, just found it thru ur banner, hope that things go well for you in ur endevours :)

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