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from ivyblue :
hey i dont know if you remember me, i havnt been around in a long time. i'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. *hugs*
from unworthy4u :
Hey eyore I haven't seen you around lately. How are you? ~justalilmorbid
from amber-darko :
Hi! My name's Amber and I'm 23. I am writing a book about my personal account of self hate and self harm. I'd like to include some personal stories from different stages in healing, different sexes and different ages to show that no one is the same, but we all are hurting in ways that we are unable to convey. I do not intend on printing names, there is no length restriction and I will not censor. I have decided to also include poetry or just general opinions. Please email me if you are interested. [email protected]
from emeraldblaze :
I was so sick of your old layout looking like "crap" so I made you a new one. I hope you like it.
from emeraldblaze :
I'm not sure if this will be helpful, but my boyfriend is one of the most shy, soicaly awkered people I have ever seen/known, and he met me, and we have been together for over 4 years. So your time will come, I know it. The guy verison of me will come along, and you will learn, grow and love beyond anything. Trust me.
from emeraldblaze :
I haven't a clue how to help, I know anyone in uni or the like is feeling the same sort of horse dung. However I'm here to talk or anything, and somthing is thinking about you and wishing they could change the world!
from unworthy4u :
Hey I just wanted to reply to your last entry. (nov 15) You are by no means selfish. You are going through a stressful time and family, as you know, are one of the biggest of known stressors, on top of everything else you have to worry about. I hope you made yourself something to eat. I hope you are safe.
from bonitababy :
Hey thanks for the note... I really appreciate it. Makes me feel nice knowing that someone is ACTUALLY reading my diary. Keep writing in your diary, because I really love it. I have to address the name, I love eyore!!! I feel sorry for him, because hes the one always getting knocked out. poor guy. okays bye. ~liz~
from bonitababy :
Hey I really like your diary. Keep up the good work...! Well anyways I figure before I go I'll at least tell you my name, its Liz(no you don't know me) well anyways if you want to see the url for my diary it is so if you happen to pop by my site leave a note so i know your there, and i can get back to you or something. Well byes! *waves wildly* ~liz~

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