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from sashasecrets :
Kudo's on your BEAUTIFUL layout.:)
from sprhrgrl :
(hug) wondering if you're still around at all. you're missed.
from raven72d :
Ah, now... The Olivia layout image is a is your writing style and sense of humor. Garlic & Shots is a great name for a pub... And-- I *must* ask: what exactly constitutes a "failed career in porn"? Do stop by my own diary sometime...
from crepeguru :
I noticed you have me listed as a favorite diary (thanks, by the way). Just so you know, I've moved to not that update very often. Just an FYI.
from sweetliz2000 :
I finally locked my diary. sweetliz2000 is the username and thisismy-diary is the password. Please delete this note ASAP. Hope you're well!
from sprhrgrl :
I think that even if you ever *do* get married, you should tell your mother that she isn't allowed to wear a hat.
from sweetliz2000 :
Aww, thank you so much for favoriting me! :) Made my day!
from ladyvaduva :
aww.. thanks fer adding me to ur fav's list.. that's an honor.. :-) hope alls' goin well cheers cat
from stuckinme :
hi, locking my diary from my boyfriend, the user is: alone the password is: inside
from hot-crumpets :
I'm really sorry your weekend's not been good. I hope things pick up from here-on in -x-
from ladyvaduva :
I LOVE UR BETTIE PAGE PIC OMG!!!!!!! u're amazing! cheers cat
from sexyoldman :
You're right about the tubes tied note. I was really trying to blast the men who refuse to get a vasectomy because "it'll make them less of a man" and who rather insist that their wives get their tubes tied. That attitude works in a monogamous relationship, but you're right that if the relationship is not monogamous or long lasting and the woman wants to insure infertility, having her tubes tied is a good option. Oh, and I'll stay away from using the "big-O" in my Good luck finding a bi male for the "big menage" Mike
from sexyoldman :
No man is as lucky as one who is in a relationship with a woman who enjoys giving a blowjob. How's his oral sex technique by the way? Can he clean your carpet like you like? Fun entry, thanks
from stuckinme :
Hey!Just wanted to congratulate you on your surprise weightloss the other day. This is dumb, but we all know I am weight-obsessed, and I was just wondering how you are slowly losing your weight?Are you counting cals or just trying to be less obsessive and eating healthily? Yah, I am one sad chica :-(
from sprhrgrl :
I think that genderfuck is nothing than fucking with the gender roles assigned by society. . . Because if there were no binary gender system, there'd be no need for genderfuck.
from threem3 :
I"ve switched diaries. I'm now at sexyoldman I hope you keep reading, thanks
from sexfiendgirl :
if you want my password, leave me a note
from diaryreviews :
It's Michelle from Diary Reviews. I looked for your Diary Review and was not able to find it. Please resubmit for a review in our Guestbook and I'll make sure someone gets to it ASAP. :)
from threem3 :
My wife and I watch a lot of porn is a good way to fire up the engines, so to speak. Pop in a video, lay back on the bed, and watch another couple going at it always gets us "more in the mood" when we don't have time for the usual foreplay (cocktails, dinner, wine, bath, etc.) Have fun..Mike
from threem3 :
You sound like a kid with a new toy at Christmas, you can't part with it (i.e his body and hard cock.) Enjoy it as much as you can!
from kbaa :
thank you :)
from threem3 :
Opps, C is not your husband, I knew that. You have a great attitude towards sex...I wish more women were like you, they'd be a lot happier.
from threem3 :
Your husband had a great weekend...what a sight seeing you straddle over his face while you masturbated...Now I need to talk my wife into doing that *smile*
from threem3 :
Very nice artwork... And sorry about "Englang" vs "U.K."...I'll keep that for future reference. How about a picture of you? I'd love to put a face to your name. Thanks, Mike
from threem3 :
Americans were not as naive as you say. While acts of terrorism are rare here, it does happen. Pearl Harbor, the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma, the assasination of Kennedy, plus the attacks on US Embassy in Kenya, the bombing of the Cole, and other acts which quickly come to mind against America left many families greiving here inside the United States. Claiming that ridding the Taliban isn't worth 3,000 lives is hard to argue against, but it was necessary to end a government that threatened the saftey of everyone in every country. England's support has been very greatly appreciated. I can still see Tony Blair in my mind's eye when he spoke after the bombings. I darn near put up a British flag after that. And finally, Bush isn't perfect to be sure. But he sure beats that bumbling idiot Clinton. If Tony Blair was the president here, do you think he would have done any differently?
from chadmuska :
was chad muska your pro skater crush?
from threem3 :
In almost every truly great relationship, the sex is just as great. If the sex sucks, then the relationship is doomed. It might survive bad sex, just like a boat with a hole in it might make it to shore, but for the boat to race, it needs great sex. However, you don't need love to have great sex. That is like mixing apples and oranges. I'm sure you and I could have great sex (or at least have fun trying) despite our never having met.
from threem3 :
I just started reading your diary and it got my attention (of course any woman sporting a strap on with a gleam in her eye will do that to me!) I can't wait to read more, Mike
from jonathan :
Heavens! Wonderfuly frank. I've got a thousand words to find over the next hour. And you've given me a theme, 'I wonder what she thought'. Let's see. Trying to tell memories from the perspective of the other person without being unduly flattering or patronising. Glad I could inspire you to write this.

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